5 Ways to De-stress This Semester
Doreen Nyamwaya
de-stress this semester

Things are getting more uncertain as the days go by and this can be stressful. Although some worry and stress can be healthy, stressing too much may cause you more harm than good. Here are 5 ways you can de-stress when you catch yourself spinning.

1. Get a change of scenery.

Sitting in front of your computer all day or staying in one spot for too long can be a recipe for stress. By making the conscious choice to break up your routine and make it more dynamic, you’re less likely to be stressed. Break up your day by going for a walk, or working from outside when possible. Set time increments for how long you’ll be doing a task before switching gear. This is a game all about diversifying your activities. Keep your brain engaged by introducing new activities throughout the day.

2. Music is the answer!

Ok, so maybe music isn’t the answer to all your problems. But just as it can get you hype for a fun activity or make you cry for another, it can also help lower your stress/anxiety. When you’re feeling stressed, try trading in that recent bop you’re jamming to and pop in something soothing, perhaps a classical number, or a jazzy soundtrack. Listening to whatever you deem soothing for at least 20 minutes will help recenter your thoughts. Biggest tip is to not wait until you’re stressed. You can choose a time of day to dedicate to soothing sounds. That way you’re constantly practicing prevention and overall well being.

3. Get your blood pumping.

Exercising as a form of stress relief is fantastic for your health. Not only do you gain the benefits of having a healthier system overall, you gain so much more! Your body releases mood-boosting chemicals called endorphins whenever you get active. They boost your mood which directly correlates to lower stress. Along with that, you end up feeling more relaxed because your body just went through a lot while exercising. All in all, there are many health benefits to any form of exercise. And lowering stress is a pretty awesome one! 

4. Try out arts and crafts.

We know you’re not in grade school anymore. But the beautiful thing about art is it transcends age! Art therapy has been linked to lowering stress, anxiety, and depression. It is an overall great way to stay creative. An even more beautiful thing is that you don’t need to be a Picasso or a Frida Kahlo. All you need is the curiosity to get started and see what you can create. As much as the end result is exciting to see, the process of getting there can be very beneficial to lowering stress, and increasing pleasant feelings. Here are some ideas on creative ways you can get started!

5. Breathe!

We hear this a lot, but we sometimes forget the importance of breathing exercises. Make this a habit to help with your stress. Breathing deeply and intentionally sends messages of relaxation to your brain. When your brain receives these messages, it will work to get to that state of relaxation. This is exactly what you want to happen. Relaxation helps your brain calm down thus lowering the amount of stress you’re experiencing. Here is a step by step guide on how you can use breathing to help you out!

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