Why You Should Try Mindful Eating in 2021

by | Dec 22, 2020

mindful eating

In a fast-paced society focused on output and efficiency, eating has fallen to the back burner. It has become something we merely do without thinking. Every once in a year, however, we stop to think about what we’re eating and as a result, set new year’s resolutions and go on diets. One may argue that this form of eating still promotes the habits of a fast-paced society because food becomes a chore instead of a joy. 

Steps to mindful eating 

The truth of the matter is, healthy eating done mindfully can be powerful and life-changing. But more often than not this is not how we look at food. Mindful eating eliminates quick runs to the drive-through, rushed eating while driving, or 15-minute lunch breaks amongst other things, and begins to engage all our senses. You can get started with these 5 tips below!

  1. Take the time to chew your food completely, this helps with digestion. We all know digestion starts in the mouth!
  2. Smell your food and enjoy the aromas, this increases positive thinking about the food we’re consuming.
  3. Notice the colors, textures, sounds, and flavors.  This helps us appreciate what’s in front of us.
  4. Eat for overall health and wellness, this is all about the longevity of your health, a lifestyle if you may.
  5. Notice how the food you eat makes you feel, this can help with figuring out what’s best for your body.

Why Mindful eating?

Mindful eating encourages us to eat more holistically, with less guilt or anxiety around what we’re consuming. We focus less on diet culture, hence finding a healthy eating habit that not only fits our bodie’s needs but makes us feel better throughout the day!

Being aware of the foods being consumed and enjoying the process takes away the stress that so often surrounds eating and creates unhealthy habits. Instead, mealtime becomes a joy, something we’re looking forward to instead of a daunting task that’s an inconvenience to our daily routines!

Listen to your body

Finally, mindful eating invites us to listen to our bodies and determine if we’re experiencing real hunger or boredom. Many of us eat just to eat which means we’re often snacking because we can. We can restore our hunger and fullness cues by listening to our bodies and making mindful decisions about when and what we eat.

Take away:

Listen to your body, make time for your food, and enjoy the process!

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