What Is The Best Free Budgeting App?

by | Sep 21, 2022

What Is The Best Free Budgeting App

If you want to improve the management of your finances or you already have good finances, a budgeting app will make it easier to control your expenses and record cash inflow. Here, we present the best personal finance apps to reach your goal.

The Best Free Budgeting App


This app allows you to create budgets in various categories. It allows you to establish a spending limit and, through graphs, shows you when you have exceeded it.

Perhaps the essential feature is that it is automated. It automatically groups your expenditures and income when entered manually. You can link your credit or debit cards so that all your expenses and income are classified automatically. This saves time in recording your financial activities.

For example, suppose today you buy a Pizza at Coldstone with your card. Your purchase will automatically be grouped in the app’s “Restaurants” category; then, the amount will be removed from your food budget.

In addition, it gives you a diagnosis of what you spend and suggestions on how much you should spend.

It is available on Android and iOS. 


It is an application designed for Android, where you can register without having to give your bank account information, and it will help you analyze your current financial situation. Similarly, users can create comments on their spending patterns and information to improve personal management.

It is available on Android and iOS.


This app lets you see your financial accounts, get account updates and track your budget. Within the functions of this app, you can find alerts about pending payments. It is only available for Windows devices.


The main objective of this application is to keep track of day-to-day expenses and income in the simplest way possible. It is only available for Android and has a free and paid version with many more tools.

Money Manager

It is an app that is characterized by its simplicity. Essentially it allows you to record expenses and income. You can choose and create various categories of expenses or income to identify them. In addition, it does the subtraction of income and expenses. Show charts (even by day). You can set reminders to record an expense for the day.

It is a straightforward application that shows income and expenses. It has many categories and allows you to add additional notes. It also has a calendar and graphs. It has basic options, but its usability is not the best you can find.

It is available on Android.

Accounting Record

It is an app with a good design where you can register your expenses in cash, in types of accounts (savings, investments, etc.), and credit cards. You will be able to see your expenses weekly and monthly and a balance of what you have budgeted and what you spent. In addition, it shows other statistical data.

It is available on Android.


These are the best free budgeting apps in 2022. There are many other apps on App Store and Google Play Store, but we handpicked these as the best. Do you think we missed any app that should have been here? We’ll love to have your opinion.  

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