What Is Retinoid Used For?
Monica Segeren
What Is Retinoid Used For

What is retinoid used for? Maybe you’ve used it before, maybe you haven’t—whether you’re a beginner or a professional…let’s take a look at what retinoid is used for. 

What Is it? 

In short, retinoid is a group of compounds that originate from Vitamin A. It can be applied through a cream or a gel or orally. Also, it can accelerate new skin cell division and cell growth. If taken orally, it is usually prescribed by your primary care provider. Of course you should consult your physician before trying anything in case it could counteract with anything you are currently doing. So what  is reinoid used for? 

What is Retinoid Used For? 

What is retinoid used for? Although the most common use of retinoid is anti-aging and for reducing wrinkles, there are other uses for retinoid. It can also be used in cosmetics for psoriasis, acne and other skin diseases. Its main function is to strengthen and rejuvenate skin. Although they are similar in names, it is not the same as retinol, they are known as a subtype. It is basically a weaker form that is used in the majority of skincare and makeup lines. 


Retinoid can be powerful to use and should be consulted upon using. Retinol is something to be used if you just want to buy a face cream that will help lessen your crows feet. Retinoid is the heavy duty, the artillery of skin care. That’s why, most of the time, you’ll need a prescription from a Dermatologist. It can cause irritation or make your skin worse. Have you used this before? Let our team at BetterYou know!

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