How To Lower Stress at Work
Monica Segeren
how to lower stress at work

Are you finding yourself stressed over work? Do you find yourself checking your heart rate at work every so often because you feel like it stresses you out so much? Do you find yourself typing into Google: how to lower stress at work? You have come to the right and safe space for your answer. Welcome! I’m sorry to see you here because you must be stressing out a lot right now. How are you? Here at BetterYou, we want to help you the best that we can. For right now, let’s take a minute and just breathe. Go ahead and come back. Good, now let’s begin on how to lower stress at work. 

Figure Out What is Causing It 

What is triggering this stress? You can find a helpful guide of stress management here, and continue to work on identifying what causes your stress. Maybe it’s the phone calls, the bombardment of emails, the interruptions, or something else. Maybe it is the environment entirely. It is important to decide if the problem is worth working through first. 


I will also recommend this to every single person I meet. Mediation is something that has literally changed my life. Meditation lowers your stress, helps you see a different perspective, and helps you remain calm until you find a solution. All you need is 5 minutes or less to help. This is an amazing way to just refocus, this can’t fix your stressors but it can alleviate them. 

Tune Into Your Emotions

This is something more difficult to do, especially if we have a job that we are on autopilot for. So often we are forced to suppress and focus on our work, and we don’t know how to release our emotions when the day is complete. This can be downright dangerous. To prevent this, an app that has helped me tune in to my emotions is called How We Feel. It provides multiple check-ins and videos on how to regulate your emotions. This is another good coping mechanism on how to lower your stress at work and it won’t take up a lot of your time. 

See What You Can Eliminate 

I feel like eliminate is a harsh word to use; however, your mental health is the priority. It isn’t money, the job, it’s you. Whether you have to have your phone on do not disturb for an hour or ask your boss for less of a work load, you need to make a list of what is causing you the most stress and see what you can eliminate and focus on. Talk to your boss on what you can work on together so that you can make working pleasant again. It’s not easy but there’s ways on how to lower stress at work. Once you find out what is causing the stress, the rest will follow and you can lead to having a healthier life at work. Stay happy, stay well and know that we are here for you at BetterYou. 

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