Things to Always Have In Your Office Desk
Monica Segeren
Things to Always Have In Your Office Desk

Having your own personal space at work can be super exciting depending on the type of person you are. Whether you work for a small or large company, you should be able to personalize and organize your space. So when it comes to things to always have in your office desk—what should that include? Snacks? Medicine? Let’s talk! 

Some of the Basics 

The basic things to always have in your office desk is: 

  • Gum or mints in case you forgot to brush your teeth before your commute! 
  • A spare charger for your phone 
  • A planner to keep your daily tasks together 
  • An extra reusable water bottle
  • Post-it Notes 
  • Extra pens (blue and black ink only for legal purposes) 
  • Emergency granola bars or trail mix in case you eat hungry or forget to eat breakfast.
  • Extra pads or tampons. 
  • A first-aid kit! I know this isn’t the norm; however, having one of these that include things like Tylenol or antacid pills can save you an unwanted trip during your break. This is a great thing to always have in your office desk. 

Things to Make It Comfortable

Although not necessary, these are some things to always have in your office desk that will make your space more comfortable. Especially if you spend the majority of the day at your desk.

  • Snacks, snacks, snacks! Oatmeal and macaroni and cheese cups. Protein shakes! Keep shelf stable foods in a dedicated space to have extra things to eat in case you’re hungry, forget your lunch or you don’t like what the office brought in. 
  • A heating pad. (Weird, I know. But if you’re a female, you might get cramps!) 
  • Headphones (if your job allows it) 
  • A clip-on fan 
  • Essential oils, so that if you’re feeling stressed–you can have a healthier way to cope. 
  • Computer glasses! 

Keep Your Desk Clean and Organized

The most important thing to remember is to have a clean and organized space. Without this, you won’t be productive and you will become stressed. If you need help organizing your desk, you can find a previous article here. Although these are only some of the things to have in your office desk, they are some really great things to start with. You can add alternative seating, a standing desk, decorations, a diffuser, pretty much anything. Find your inspiration through Pinterest and Instagram! What are some of your must haves for your desk? Let us know today!

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