Wellness Planning for 2022
Heidi Zwart
wellness planning for 2021

How resilient is your team? This question is one that every organization faces in post-pandemic life. Wellbeing conversations are vital as companies consider return to work plans and the health of their organization moving forward. Wellness planning for 2022 may seem premature, yet it’s a conversation that will support recovery and health for every organization. 

The Gallup Organization continues to provide valuable research into workplace wellness and planning, with decades of research to support their recommendations. With the release of their latest book Wellbeing at Work, they provide a glimpse into considerations for wellness planning for 2022 and beyond. They also answer the “why now” question by suggesting that:

  1. We are experiencing a mental health crisis, so employee resilience is more important than ever.
  2. Leaders need a field guide for organizational resilience to build thriving teams by developing good managers.
  3. Wellbeing strategies at work need to be credible and supported by research.
  4. Most people are suffering right now and the workplace can help alleviate this suffering by helping people do what they do best every day. 

Wellness planning for 2022 begins with internal shifts in your organization today. In addition to recognizing the human resources trends of 2021, here are some additional considerations as you plan for the year to come.

Virtual mental health services

Access to virtual mental health services are currently provided by 69% of employers, and this number is expected to grow to 95% by 2022. According to studies conducted by the Business Group on Health, investing in this wellbeing initiative is critical because mental health interventions yield the most significant ROI compared to other lifestyle management initiatives. Virtual access expands its accessibility to all of your employees, regardless of location. Including mental health services in your wellness planning for 2022 is a non-negotiable for employee wellbeing.  

Financial wellbeing services

Of high demand pre-pandemic, financial wellbeing services are at the top of the list for wellness planning for 2022. When survey respondents were asked about their top five wellbeing priorities, “reducing current debt” and “not living beyond my means or staying within a budget” were two and three. The specific concerns varied by generation but were highly impactful to quality of life regardless of age. 42% of respondents in one survey agreed or strongly agreed that “My level of debt is ruining the quality of my life.” Supporting financial health will address these stressors and help alleviate this pain point for your employees. 

Customized solutions over incentives

Relying on incentives alone to encourage participation in wellbeing programs is becoming less successful in the workplace. While incentives can still work, it’s more important to focus on customizing solutions for your employees as you begin wellness planning for 2022. When employees see significant personal value in your wellbeing offerings, they will rely more heavily on intrinsic motivation to make necessary life changes, which leads to more lasting impact. BetterYou helps increase employee engagement, wellbeing, and performance by developing healthier habits in physical, social and mental wellness in ways that are meaningful to each individual in your organization. 

It’s not too early to begin wellness planning for 2022. Supporting the wellbeing of your employees is vital to the health and happiness of your organization and your teams. 

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