Take Back Your Time

by | Mar 31, 2021

take back your time

Ever scrolled through your phone longer than you intended? Ever missed a deadline, assignment, or appointment because you lost track of time? Our smartphones have made us less productive and more distracted than ever. It controls us more often than we control it. But if you’re ready to get back in charge again, we’re sharing our best tips to help you take back your time.  

Remove apps

It’s likely you have more than more than an app or two on your phone that you never use. Removing these unused distractions will help you focus better and feel lighter. The iPhone comes with an “Offload App” feature which auto-deletes unused apps after a period of time. Though it’s primary purpose is to save space, it also helps you take back your time by reminding you which apps are no longer necessary. Note that the app icons stay on your screen, so you may be better off removing the app completely to eliminate the visual clutter on your phone. 

Schedule your scroll

If you still find yourself being pulled into the apps that remain on your phone, try scheduling a time to dedicate to social media and your favorite games. Dedicate a block of time to play and refresh as much as you’d like. Having this part of your day to look forward to will help you take back your time to be more productive with the rest of your daily obligations. 


Which apps create the most distraction and biggest temptation when you turn on your phone? Move those apps off your home screen. Stick them in the middle where they’re hard to find or bundle them into categories and title it something that will remind you of their distractibility. Reserve this folder for your scheduled “play time” to help you take back your time and remove temptation.  

Hide ‘em

Your smartphone is far more than a phone. It’s become our source of telling time, reading the news, checking the temperature and more. If you find yourself tempted to check your social accounts every time you need information, consider alternative sources to fulfill that need. For example, wear a traditional watch to keep track of time or subscribe to a newspaper to stay connected to local and world events. You may discover these “old school” methods are effective ways to help you take back your time. 

Fight tech with tech

If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em. BetterYou is a digital coach that allows individuals to maximize their time and stay focused on goals that matter. Recent studies indicate that 90% of our discretionary time is spent staring at a screen. By working seamlessly in the background of your smartphone, it tracks how you use your time and nudges you to the wellness goals you’ve set. It’s dedicated to helping you take back your time on the things that matter most.  

It’s possible to take back your time by preventing the infinite scroll and loss of time and productivity that results. Try one of our suggestions or share yours with us. We’d love to hear how you’ve learned to take back your time! 

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