Managing a Hybrid Workplace

by | Apr 13, 2022

managing a hybrid workplace

A hybrid workplace consists of an office that offers in-office work or remote opportunities. Your staff can just be located in one state but you want to give your employees the option of whether or not they want to work in the office. When it comes to managing a hybrid workplace, what can be done to make sure that everyone stays on the same page? 

Daily Communication

If you are a part of a management team, it’s important that you stay in touch with your employees. Take the time to send out a daily email to recap yesterday, outline daily tasks, and have your inbox or phone available for any questions. With this, you can keep track of your team, have daily feedback, and keep track of who is paying attention to detail. 

Discord or Google Hangouts

Management doesn’t have to be involved in the chats; however, encourage employees to start a group chat! Remote and in-office employees can communicate efficiently on projects or any other inquiries that do not require management. It can be a simple way to build camaraderie.

Be Vocal About Burnout 

The Harvard Business Review says: “For instance, if a team member tells you they’re overwhelmed, try helping them prioritize. “They may have seven big things on their plate, but of those, only two things really matter,” she says. “If somebody is in a bad spot, help them through it day by day; if that’s too hard, go task by task,” she says. “Focus and connection are the antidote to burnout.”” With this, prioritize your employees’ mental health. Take their needs seriously and allow for your employees to take time off.

Stay Inclusive 

Make all of the employees feel like they work at the office. Tell them about office events, send small care packages as you would have donuts in the break room, and have after hour events. You can make it fun by having trivia, bingo, or any sort of game night on Zoom. This also gives those who work in the office time to relax at home. Remember that just because someone chooses to work from home, they’re not any less of a team member. Be mindful of everyone’s availability to get the best results and turnout!

Set Boundaries

Just as you would have expectations for the employees in the office, do the same for those who work remotely. Have breaks, managing the time at the computer and checking in with them to see how they’re doing. Encourage both groups to always reach out if they need help, would like to have a meeting or would ever like to switch. However, make it clear that the time that they are scheduled is the time to work. Certain online hours are expected, with some flexibility every once in a while. Find people who are passionate about working for the company! 


Encourage employees to take mental and physical health seriously in and out of the workplace. You can do this by incorporating the BetterYou app to the workplace and have them participate in challenges for prizes! With this, there will be a higher employee satisfaction and inclusivity even when everyone is not in the same place. A hybrid workplace is completely possible and beneficial for all employees! 

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