How to Use Social Media Positively

by | Sep 1, 2020

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If you’re like any of us, then you’ve found yourself aimlessly scrolling into the abyss of some social media site, all of which have been engineered to have no stopping cues. They lack the reminders to tell you to stop. But what if you took back control and used these tools in a healthier way?

Limit the amount of time you spend on these sites.

You can start by intentionally limiting the amount of time you spend on these sites. Generally, these sites are used to combat boredom and people need something to entertain them. The issue is, however; the longer time we spend scrolling the more bored we feel. Instead, pick up a new hobby, or an old one. Or simply, take that time to be in solitude as a form of meditation. By limiting your time on these sites, you make room for other activities that would otherwise fall by the wayside.

Be mindful of the content you consume.

Remember that social media is a highlight reel where people only set their best foot forward, and metrics such as likes and followers do not define who you are as a person. Being mindful of these facts, and learning to be self-aware about how you feel when engaging with these highlight reels can improve how you feel about yourself. When you stop comparing yourself to the people you follow you realize that surely, life isn’t all private jets and island getaways. At the end of the day, all these influencers are human and as such, they’ll want to be seen as perfect even though we understand there’s no such thing. So be mindful of how you consume this content.

Create content that is fulfilling to you.

Don’t feel the pressure to post what everyone is posting. Instead, create content that is fulfilling to you. This way you avoid the risk of posting for others. When you do this, you’ll be more likely to find like-minded individuals and a community that’s supportive of your joys. This can increase your self-esteem, motivation you have for your passions, and overall happiness. After all, isn’t that what we’re all looking for?

Use social media as a resume.

Finally, you can use social media as a resume. Nowadays, employers are constantly using social networking sites to find their next employee. By being authentic and posting original content that fits the field you’re interested in, you automatically create a resume any employer can look at. More so, engaging with companies you like can increase your chances of working there one day. So don’t be shy, give them a shout on twitter or a follow on Instagram and LinkedIn as you build your portfolio. You never know, your next job could be a tweet away!

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