How To Help Headaches
Daniella Okorobie
how to help headaches

We can experience an annoying headache at any time, requiring more or less immediate relief. Not all headaches are the same or arise from the same cause. Knowing what causes them is crucial, especially if they are repeated frequently.

Different persistent headaches require medical consultation, from tension headaches to a migraine. However, in cases of mild pain, it is not always necessary to resort to drugs to end them and feel better. 

Do you want to know how to get rid of a headache fast and without pills? Below, we will list some ways you can quickly get relieved.

Apply Cold Compresses

When the headache is not concentrated in a certain area but instead translates into a feeling of drowsiness and general discomfort, putting a small towel previously soaked in cool water (not ice cold) on your forehead and temples can provide gentle and immediate relief.

Do Relaxation Exercises

Sometimes the trigger for a headache is a stressful situation that continues over time without you realizing it. A few minutes of doing simple exercises inspired by basic yoga postures, such as the Lotus, and taking deep breaths can calm you down, and the pain disappears.

Get Massages To Get Rid Of Headaches

Getting rid of headaches with massage is a simple and effective natural remedy. If you have someone who can give them to you, ask them to gently massage the area that goes from the base of the neck to the shoulders for a few minutes to relieve the tension accumulated in the trapezius muscle.

You can also perform a self-massage by lightly pressing your temples with your fingertips while making circular movements, keeping your thumbs just behind your ears.

Stretch Your Neck

If your head hurts and you also notice stiffness in your neck and back, try doing some simple exercises that stretch the muscles in the area, relieving pressure at the base of the skull.

Relax as you tilt your head forward, trying to touch your chin to your chest. Do it slowly while breathing deeply, and repeat it at least three times. Next, do the opposite movement, slowly bringing your head back. To finish, stretch the lateral muscles (sternocleidomastoid), bending the neck to the right and left.

Drink Enough Water

Occasionally, headaches are a body response to deficiencies or adverse environmental situations. Headache can be one of the first symptoms of dehydration.

Sometimes, especially in winter, we don’t feel the need to drink fluids, but our body needs them. If you have a headache, think about whether you have drunk enough water during the day. If not, the remedy is simple. Drink liquids: water, juices, infusions, etc.

Take a Short Nap

Insomnia and other sleep disorders or simply accumulated tiredness can be behind an annoying headache. Try to rest and sleep between 20 and 30 minutes; this simple practice will make you feel better.

Practice Controlled Breathing

With controlled breathing, focusing on the simple act of getting oxygen in and out of your lungs is a relaxation technique that can also help reduce headache pain. Breathe in slowly and deeply, and exhale slowly.

Take a Bath With Warm Water

If the headache appears after a hard day, a relaxing bath with warm water and abundant foam can be a simple and pleasant solution that leaves you new and fresh.

Avoid Light Stimuli

Dimming the lights around you or even staying dark and away from the noise is a good option, especially if the goal is to eliminate a migraine headache.

Avoid Prolonged Fasting

Sometimes the solution to a feeling of discomfort is straightforward. Fatigue and headaches can be caused by a lack of energy that prevents our body from performing its essential functions correctly. If you go many hours without eating, the result can be a migraine, which will go away with the necessary intake of healthy foods.

These are ways in which you can get rid of your headache. We hope that this brief content is of value to you. Thanks for reading! 

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