How to Find Quality Interns
Heidi Zwart
how to find quality interns

A growing human resources trend of 2021 is finding the right talent to fill skill gaps within an organization. With the future of the workplace in limbo and needs shifting, some companies are opting to “rent” short term or contract employees to meet their needs. Interns can be a viable option, but it’s important to know how to find quality interns that mutually benefit your organization and the intern.

Get Social

LinkedIn was built for career networking. More than ever, networking and connections are leading to opportunities previously unavailable on traditional job posting sites like Indeed or Monster. Posting your opening on LinkedIn can help you find quality interns because you get personal referrals from your personal network, connections, and company followers. 

Join Handshake

Designed to connect college students with great companies, Handshake is a lifesaver for companies interested in learning how to find quality interns. The premium version of the platform “enables employers to connect with students through targeted outreach, dynamic branding, and digital features like virtual career fairs and events.” 

Use Your Website

Job seekers who are already interested in your company are keeping an eye on new postings. Knowing that a candidate wants to be part of your organization may help you find quality candidates who have done their homework on who you are and what you do. Posting on your site is free, so it’s also a cost-effective way to help candidates find you.  

Ask for Internal Referrals

Personal referrals from your current employees can provide you with a better look at your candidate pool. Having a rockstar employee refer someone to you can be a good way to find quality interns, provided the skill set matches the job. Both employer and employee start with a higher level of trust and connection because of your mutual relationship with the referrer. 

Be Clear

When you create a job posting for an internship, take time to write a good one. Outline the job details, the length of the internship, the qualifications, and company culture. Be clear about whether it’s a paid internship or not. The more specific, accurate, and realistic you are the more likely you are to find quality interns that meet (or exceed) your expectations and needs.

Develop Strong Partnerships 

Since college students are likely your biggest resource, build strong partnerships with local universities. Get to know the career services staff, hold job fairs on campus, and network with alums. Great collaborations commonly form between companies and schools and is a valuable way to find quality interns who deliver time and again. 

Build Your Reputation

How you treat your interns matter. Places like Handshake that allow students to review companies can work for or against you. If you provide a seamless experience that interns rave about, you are likely to find quality interns in the future as you become a sought after organization. The quality of your candidates will follow your reputation.

If you’re looking to add to your talent pool, learning how to find quality interns is a good place to start. Internships are mutually beneficial for both intern and employer when you take time to do it right. 

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