How to Be More Environmentally Conscious

by | Nov 23, 2020

how to be more environmentally conscious

In a world full of convenience, it’s easy to forget the impact of our grab and go, disposable choices on the environment. Whether it’s our use of packaging, transportation, or technology, our decisions often have negative environmental repercussions. It’s important to learn how to be more environmentally conscious with our daily choices. 

Clean Green

Purchasing reusable bottles for body washes and shampoos, cleaning products, and laundry detergents is an easy way to be more environmentally conscious. For a one-time upfront cost, reusable bottles can be refilled over and over again with environmentally friendly cleaning supplies that are better for our waste system and our own homes.


When plastic is necessary, make sure to recycle. Public spaces often make it easy by offering separate sorting bins for recyclables. Drop cans and bottles into the right spot by checking the symbol on the bottom of the container so that they don’t inadvertently end up in a landfill. Look for the recycling label on take-out boxes and bags as well. 

Go Digital

Keep paper use to a minimum by sending and storing documents in electronic form instead of print. Provide digital manuals, guides, and other downloadables instead of printed copies whenever possible. Use powerpoints and other digital presentation platforms for meetings for quick reference and a simple way to be more environmentally conscious.

Clean Beauty

Select beauty products that have an environmental focus and are better for your personal health. Responsible sourcing helps protect our planet for years to come by mining natural ingredients and selecting packaging to be more environmentally conscious. It’s a win for your skin and a win for the earth.

Use Your Legs

Opt for walking or cycling as often as possible. Skip the car ride for some leg powered movement that helps you be more environmentally conscious and improve your health at the same time. When you do need to go further than your legs will take you, choose a rideshare or commuting option to minimize carbon emissions from vehicles. 

Grab and Go

When shopping, bring your own bag to carry your purchases home. This small shift is a good way to be more environmentally conscious with minimal effort. Keep a foldable bag in your purse, backpack, or car so you always have this option, even on those spontaneous shopping outings.

Turn out the lights

In your home, keep light use to a minimum during daytime hours. Consider putting your lights on timers in the spaces you use most or switch to auto-detection lighting so that lights automatically turn off when you leave a space. Today’s technology can be used to help us be more environmentally conscious in our living space. 

Learning how to be more environmentally conscious takes both intention and action. Choosing to make small shifts in your daily decisions will lead to a big impact when multiplied over time and the volume of people who begin to make the same shifts. Our world will be far better off when we take care of the one earth we share.   

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