Help for Tired Employees

by | Aug 17, 2021

tired employees

It’s been a long 18 months and your employees feel it. After navigating fear, uncertainty, and a new wave of the pandemic, keeping morale and engagement high is a difficult endeavor. No matter what organization you lead, you are likely searching for help for tired employees who may be ready to join the exodus of people leaving the workplace. 

Where to begin

Providing help for tired employees begins with asking “how can we help?” It can be tempting to follow the lead of big companies like Google or Apple in your search for help, but their strategies may not be right for you. Designing a solution for a team of 10, 100, or 1000 may require a different approach. A similar caution is to avoid guessing what your employees need.  You will likely miss the mark by doing so. CNBC recently reported that the best way to provide help for tired employees in your organization is to ask them what they need most from you. Ask good questions and listen to the responses before you design a solution to help your team. 

Consider holistic solutions

Offering effective help for tired employees requires a holistic health solution. As employee wellness programs evolve, the most effective ones tend to the whole person, providing support for each area of wellbeing. Your tired employees are experiencing mental, physical, social, and financial fatigue. Help for tired employees comes by offering services to support their energy levels and wellbeing in each of these areas. While that may feel daunting, don’t be afraid to start small. An improvement in even one area of their life can lead to positive change in other dimensions of wellbeing.    

Be flexible

The pandemic has highlighted the need for us to be flexible as individuals and as organizations. What works today may not work tomorrow. As the pandemic effects linger the need for flexibility and adaptability will remain. Even organizations with seemingly well-articulated return to work plans are being forced to adjust as new information and data emerges. To provide the best help for tired employees, make sure your organization remains flexible and open to change as needed. Agile organizations have healthier and happier employees with better performance. 

Prioritize communication

While you are trying to determine the next steps in response to changing data and guidelines, keep your employees in the loop. If you don’t know the answer, tell them. Make sure they know you are considering all options and making decisions with their best interest in mind – and mean it. Provide opportunities for your team members to communicate with you, too. This two-way communication provides help for tired employees who may otherwise feel in the dark or unheard as they navigate their own decision fatigue and fear. 

Providing help for tired employees includes asking good questions, considering holistic solutions, being flexible, and prioritizing communication. While no simple solution exists, starting with these guidelines will help you build a healthier culture as you continue to navigate an unknown future. 

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