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Heidi Zwart
digital wellness software

Wellness programs have come a long way thanks to the evolution of technology. Traditional initiatives like weight loss and step challenges or discounted gym memberships are still popular in corporate and education wellness programs. But digital wellness software now fills the gap when other solutions fall short. It improves engagement and impact of your wellbeing initiatives.

Supports other initiatives

Good digital wellness software makes your other wellness initiatives better. If you’re running a fitness challenge, for example,digital wellness software helps promote engagement through smart nudges. If you’re encouraging better sleep for employees or students, digital wellness software reminds users of their goal and helps them track their progress. When you choose a wellness solution, think both/and instead of either/or when considering traditional programs over digital ones. 

Customized to you

Most wellness programs are one-size-fits all, delivering generalized curriculum on a predetermined schedule. Good digital wellness software is customizable. You choose goals that matter to you. If you need more sleep, you can work on that. If you want to reduce anxiety, focus on that. Digital wellness software helps you set individual goals and change them on your terms and your time. 

Smart nudges

Once you’ve set goals, good digital wellness software helps you stay accountable to them. Through timely nudges, you get the prompts you need, when you need them, so that you can keep improving in the areas that matter most to you. Great digital wellness software doesn’t over-prompt, but rather gives just enough nudges to keep you motivated to act on rather than ignore the interruption. 

AI driven coaching

The best wellness software gets better with use. The more you use it, the better it learns your patterns, responses, and habits so that it can continue to work with your own natural life rhythms. While live health coaching can be an important resource in a wellness program, coaches often have to guess what’s best for you based on information you openly share. AI driven coaching learns how you interact with the app and matches coaching to fit you.  

24/7 availability

People need sleep. Technology doesn’t. Digital wellness software is available to meet you where you’re at whenever you’re ready. There are no scheduled hours of operation. You don’t have to match your availability to anyone else’s for it to effectively help you improve your wellbeing. No matter what your schedule, it’s ready to help.

BetterYou checks all the boxes of a great digital wellness solution. Better You makes any existing wellness programs you have more effective. We meet people where they are – on their phones – and then we help them succeed by influencing their behavior to achieve their personal wellness goals.

Employees and students choose goals around the things that matter most to them and smart prompts support their efforts. The AI platform learns and tracks use patterns and prompts them when they start to get off-track on their goals. As life changes and habits are formed, you can update your goals to focus on new areas. 

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