Company Wide Challenges 101

by | Sep 14, 2022

company wide challenges 101

Welcome to Company Wide Challenges 101 where we will cover all of the dos and don’ts to creating and sticking to your challenges within your company! 

The Basics 

The first lesson is Company Wide Challenges 101 is going back to the basics. 

Q: What exactly is a company wide challenge? 

A: A company wide challenge usually consisting of wellness of physical or mental health. It’s offered to every single employee with some added incentive.

Q: What should it consist of?

A: The challenge should consist of something that the employees would be willing to do and would benefit them. Say your office is mostly sedentary, you would have a walking challenge. Have employees track their steps through a pedometer or through their fitness watch. Whoever has the most steps, wins! 

Q: Who makes them? 

A: Usually Human Resources!

Q: Why do we do them? 

A: To promote healthy and happy lives! Employees should have the opportunity to do something else at work aside from working. 

The Dos 

Let’s focus on the dos of Company Wide Challenges 101 and all of the positives to bring into the challenge! 

  • You smell that? It’s team spirit! It gets your employees engaged, gets them to have fun and get to know one another. 
  • You’ll be able to see who the leaders are in your company. 
  • Boosts a new type of layer within your company—a bonding experience. 
  • It’s fun! I shouldn’t have to say much more after that, but life can be hard. Everyone deserves a break. Not only is it fun, it can lead to happier employees. 

Need some employee wellness challenges for your office? Check out a list here! If you want to create your own physical challenge for this office, I highly suggest this how-to from Snack Nation

The Don’ts 

Say it with me: I will not pressure anyone to participate in something they are not comfortable in doing. Do not by any means, force an employee to participate in something they aren’t comfortable in, no matter what. Do not offer a higher reward or anything like that. You’re asking for a lawsuit or a huge overturn in employees. No means no. Another thing is not to expect every challenge is going to fit everyone’s needs. The best way to prevent this is to offer three different challenges or do a survey and see what your employees would prefer. Then, you make your decisions from there. After that, you should have narrowed down enough ideas to make a decision on the ones that you want to do. 

Now that you’ve completed your short course on Company Wide Challenges 101, what else would you like to know about it? Let us know at BetterYou! 

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