Top Corporate Wellness Programs
Heidi Zwart
top corporate wellness programs

As corporate wellness program options continue to increase, it can be more confusing than ever to decide which one is best for your organization. To help you make your decision easier, we’re sharing with you some of the top corporate wellness programs today.

Virgin Pulse

This solution is part of the Richard Branson owned ecosystem and has been a long-time leader as a top corporate wellness program. Innovative technology helps Virgin Pulse members thrive at work and in life. Additionally, their partnerships with other vendors makes one-stop shopping easy and leads to an integrated user experience. 


A 2020 Koop Award winner, Wellsteps makes the list as a top corporate wellness program after being named the most effective wellness program in America. In partnership with the Boise School District, the program offered employees a combination of behavior change strategies, biometric screens/health risk assessments, and cultural support. ROI metrics reported a savings of $3.50 for every dollar invested. 

Ramsey Solutions

Aside from support for the physical health of employees, employee surveys report the desire for financial support as well. Ramsey Solutions is known for their work with faith based organizations, but they support businesses as well. Their new Financial Wellness Program is available for businesses and employees, making it a top corporate wellness program. 

Hinge Health

If your business requires your employees to be physically active, Hinge Health’s musculoskeletal care platform supports them before and after injury. By combining a care team of medical professionals, health coaches, and technology, they conquer back and joint pain, keeping your employees engaged and on the job.

Restore Health 

With a focus on improving nutrition, exercise, stress, and sleep, personalized coaching sets this program apart. Participants have an assigned coach for the duration of the program and the unique texting platform makes communication easy. Also, Restore recently rolled out Restore Resilience, a 3-month program that lands on the list as a top corporate wellness program.

Lyra Health

As mental health support rises in importance, Lyra Health leads the way. Grounded in science and supported by licensed practitioners and a dedicated care team, Lyra touts impressive results, including 50% less employee turnover, and a 70% increase in employee productivity. Also, they’ve seen a 27% decrease in institutional claims, and 20% reduction in health plan therapy and Rx claims.  

Sanvello Health

Sanvello is a newcomer to the list of top corporate wellness programs. Dedicated to making therapy accessible to everybody, Sanvello is currently the #1 most downloaded app for stress, anxiety, and depression. A collaborative care team provides additional support alongside the on demand offerings of the app.  

Fitbit Health Solutions

Most recognized for their wearable technology, Fitbit also offers corporate solutions. With the help of their respected devices, health coaches, and digital interventions they continue to support the health and wellbeing of employees, even those in a remote environment. As a result, they reported a 98% employee engagement rate in one of their recent corporate challenges. 

Corporate wellness programs are wide and diverse. If you’re looking to create and manage a corporate wellness program, BetterYou can provide you with the resources you need to make it successful and time-efficient. 

BetterYou offers a complete wellness program under a single platform that handles most of the work for you. With BetterYou, users select their own incentives based on their goals and lifestyle. BetterYou then manages the entire process, all while keeping the incentives free for the employer. 

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