Why Staying Fit in College is So Important
Doreen Nyamwaya
staying fit in college

We all hear that we should exercise more and harder because it’s good for us, but why is exercise especially important for college students? Why should we stay fit in college?

College is a different experience than K-12 where everyone had to take a gym class to pass to the next grade. Once you begin this journey of higher education, there is no longer anyone holding you accountable for your physical wellbeing. With your time in college being split so many directions, it can be difficult to prioritize exercise, but here are a few reasons why you should.

Lower risk of health complications.

Students who don’t exercise regularly and lead a sedentary lifestyle, are at a higher risk of health complications. Considering that college already throws off many students’ eating habits, leading to unhealthy decisions, this coupled with little to no exercise is not a good combination. Along with general health risks, lack of exercise also jeopardizes your mental well-being and puts you at risk of depression, anxiety, and are overall unhappy. By exercising at least 30 minutes a day, you lower these risks and set yourself up for success, physically and mentally.

For better academic performance

Regular exercise also has more benefits than physical and mental. By exercising regularly you stimulate your neural growth which allows your brain to function at a higher rate. Research has shown that students who do this perform better in school because they are able to study effectively and, stay focused. It also helps alleviate an otherwise stressful time of your life. So get out there and get active, it will help you with your academic goals!

Brings structure to a hectic lifestyle

College students should stay active because it brings structure to a hectic lifestyle. While you’re busy trying to juggle school, a personal life, and trying to figure out your career goals, things can seem to get out of hand. Making exercise part of your routine anchors you and gives you something to look forward to, that is not only healthy but grounding.

Finally, you should exercise for your future self! 

As we age and get into adulthood, life becomes more unpredictable. If we begin taking care of our bodies at a young age, we’re creating a well-oilled machine that will help carry us through old age without complication. So start creating those healthy habits and staying fit in college now so you can enjoy life at all stages!

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