Are Air Purifiers Really Worth It?
air purifiers

You might pride yourself on keeping a clean home. Regardless, you’re unknowingly breathing in germs, dust, smoke, mold, and more unwelcome particles every day. In fact, indoor air pollutants can be concentrated up to five times higher than outdoor air. This is harmful to many facets of your well being, mainly your respiratory system and your immune system. Enter air purifiers.

What do they do?

Air purifiers are marketed to cleanse the air in your home, removing those harmful pollutants. They consist of a fan that sucks in the air, and a filter that collects particles and debris. They remove up to 99% of airborne bacteria, so germs don’t stand a chance. This will keep your family healthy, especially during the winter months. They combat seasonal allergies by removing debris particles. If you have a pet, some people are sensitive to allergens in the pet’s fur. When visitors come who may be allergic, an air purifier can help avoid those awkward “do you have a cat” moments. 

If dusting is your least favorite chore, you’re in luck. Air purifiers catch dust in the air before it settles, meaning less dust on your household surfaces. They also clear strong food odors, which can linger long after you cook a meal. Overall, air purifiers keep your home free of most odors, debris and pathogens.

Who are air purifiers worth it for?

If the health of your family is a big priority and you’re willing to make the investment, it’s a great addition to your efforts. Air purifiers have some extra costs, as you need to replace the filter every few months, depending on the brand. 

Consistent exposure to dust, pollen, dander, and other airborne particles can cause long-term breathing and health issues. By installing an air purifier, you’re doing something to take control of your family’s long-term health. Even if air purifiers aren’t the be-all-end-all, this simple fact might make them worth it for your household.

If you suffer from allergies or asthma, air purifiers are definitely worth a try. Studies show they remove a significant amount of indoor particles, so you’ll likely see an improvement in your symptoms. You’ll benefit from an air purifier more than the average person. 
Basically, air purifiers aren’t a necessity but they are worth it for people with sensitive respiratory systems. However, anyone who’s interested in giving their air quality a boost should look into it, as they provide a great addition to your family’s wellness plan. Try one out for yourself to decide if it’s worth it for you. Here are Forbes’ seven best air purifiers for your home, so you can compare models and go for it today.

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