7 Wellness Group Activities
Heidi Zwart
wellness group activities

What’s better than hanging out with others and improving your health at the same time? Wellness group activities promote better physical, social, and emotional health. If you’re looking for some creative ways to incorporate wellbeing into your corporate culture, check out some of these ideas.

Walking Meetings

Meetings are often a necessary part of the workday, but sitting for them is not. If you’re tired of being tethered to your computer or a conference room, schedule a walking meeting with your team. There are well-documented benefits to walking meetings in addition to being one of the wellness group activities that supports productivity and wellbeing. 

Yoga Classes

If you’re looking for ways to help your employees overcome a sedentary lifestyle or offset the damage of sitting for hours at a time, yoga classes can help. As one of the wellness group activities that’s gaining traction, yoga has physical and mental health benefits for your employees. Offer classes that are accessible for all levels and emphasize the benefits participants experience as a result to increase participation in these classes.  

Cooking Classes

Helping your employees make healthy meals is another wellness group activity that reaps benefits at work and at home. When your employees are well nourished and practice mindful eating, their energy, productivity, and happiness will show. Host a healthy cooking class in your office, at a local restaurant, or online to help your team make simple meals to support their nutritional health. 

Meditation Breaks

Encouraging breaks throughout the day will help prevent burnout for your employees. Offering meditation breaks for your team members to destress can help. These times can be encouraged as one of your instructor-led wellness group activities or employees can meditate on their own. Consider designating times during the day that are talk-free or meeting free times to provide space for these breaks. 

Gardening Club

Research has uncovered the positive benefits of and influence of nature on our wellbeing. As a wellness group activity, gardening with others can boost mood, improve social wellbeing, and provide a bounty of healthy fruits and veggies for your organization. Bringing plants into your workplace will improve your air quality, help reduce stress, and boost creativity. 


Many organizations are including volunteer days in their employee benefits package. By encouraging volunteering as an essential wellness group activity, employees donate their time to causes that matter to them, which improves their holistic health. Volunteer time off benefits are an expectation among millenials with 75% of this generation expecting their employer to participate in social good through donations or volunteering. 

Fitness Challenges

Fitness challenges are a category of wellness group activities that have been around the longest. Step challenges, weight loss competitions, and healthy eating programming can be an effective way to support the physical health of employees. When these initiatives are combined with financial, emotional, and career support, they are a part of a well-rounded corporate wellness program

Wellness group activities promote physical, social, and emotional wellbeing for employees. Consider adding one of our suggestions to your corporate wellness program, or let us know what’s working in your organization!

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