10 Ideas for Good Employee Gifts
Sean Higgins
gift ideas for employees

People spend a lot of time at their workplace, putting in a lot of effort and doing the best that they can. It’s nice to show them appreciation, and that can be done in many ways; recognizing their efforts, rewarding them, praising them.
One way that you can show employees that they are appreciated is by giving them a gift. 

It can seem more challenging to get an employee a gift as opposed to a friend or family member, but it’s actually quite straightforward. Here are some guidelines to keep in mind when getting employees gifts as well as 10 ideas for good employee gifts. 

How to figure out what to get for an employee

If you’d like to get something for your employees or coworkers that isn’t on this list but are still stuck for ideas, then here are some guidelines that can help you narrow it down. 

1. Keep it professional

There are many popular gift items that are too personal in nature to give to someone you work with. These include items like perfume, pajamas, and cosmetic items. Gifts like these depend heavily on peoples’ specific tastes and can often go unappreciated. 

2. Stay away from humorous gifts

Much like personal gifts, humorous gifts depend on a person’s specific tastes. You don’t want to rely on the other person having the same sense of humor as you do for the gift to be appreciated. 

3. Be thoughtful, but don’t read too much into it

You can be professional without being boring. Think about what the employee would like, find useful, and appreciate, but there’s no need to go beyond that and make it overly complex. 

10 employee gift ideas

The gift ideas included here are inexpensive and minimal effort while still being practical and thoughtful. They will show employees or coworkers that you care about them without crossing the line into impropriety. 

1. Quality hand cream 

Dry hands are some of life’s most annoying occurrences, especially when working. A high-quality hand cream will be useful but also bring some joy into employees’ lives. It’s a bonus if they’re scented, as that just adds another level of luxury. 

2. Desk buddy (small plant)

Plants are a great way to liven up a workspace. Little plants, like succulents or spider plants, make great additions to a desk space because they feel like small friends but don’t need much care. 

It’s nice to watch them grow as time goes by, serving as a reminder that the human they belong to is growing and changing as well.  

3. Mug warmer

No one likes it when their mug of tea or coffee has gone cold, and it’s annoying to keep on getting up to reheat it. Mug warmers are a great way to keep that little mug of joy happy and that cozy feeling alive. 

4. High-quality water bottle

Plastic water bottles are a dime a dozen and don’t exactly scream “you’re appreciated.” Instead, go for a glass or metal bottle that’s well made and looks nice. These last forever, feel high-quality, and when they need to go, are recyclable. 

Another bonus is that they can be personalized. Some great ideas are to put the first letter of the receiver’s name on them, or perhaps the company logo. If you do choose to personalize the bottles, make the designs smaller and more subtle so that they look classier. 

5. Custom leather cable organizer

Cable organizers are a smaller gift, but are incredibly handy in the office or even at home. When made of leather and customized, they look incredibly classy and feel like a small piece of luxury. These are perfect gifts for an office setting and are just the right amount of thoughtful. 

6. Box of treats

The workday is long, but snacking can help get anyone through it. You can never go wrong with a box of treats. These could be made up from anything; snacks that are sweet, savory, or a mix of both. If the workplace is on a health kick, these treats could even be made from healthier ingredients.

However, there’s nothing wrong with some lovely little indulgences. 

7. Gift card 

If you don’t have the time to decide what gift to get, or just know that you will never settle on something that everyone will appreciate, then a gift card is a safe choice. Countless retailers offer gift cards, so you’re spoilt for choice. 

If you feel that a gift card is too impersonal, then you can give it to your employees or coworkers along with something else from this list.

8. Journal or daily planner

It can be difficult to stay on top of everything. Diaries and daily planners help to organize tasks and thoughts, which employees will find extremely helpful. Go for neutral colors or pick the company’s colors, and don’t scrimp on quality. 

9. Ergonomic upgrade

Ergonomic mousepads, desk lap trays, or laptop stands are all great choices to upgrade someone’s work experience. These really show that you care because they can eliminate pain and make working far more enjoyable. 

10. High-quality tea and/or coffee

You can’t go wrong with some lovely tea and/or coffee because majority of people drink these beverages. Choose a selection that has both coffee and tea with plenty of different flavors, varieties, and some caffeine-free options as well so that you can cater to everyone’s preferences. 

Give the gift of appreciation

Employees are the heart of a company and showing them that they are appreciated is the least that you can do in return for all their hard work. Gift-giving should only be a part of the overall effort that you make to show employees how dear they are but remains important and essential. 

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