How to Practice Self-Love Every Day

Love is no foreign concept to you. You know that to love someone, you must be patient, caring, kind, gentle, forgiving, etc. You’re probably quite good at loving other people, but is the love that you show yourself up to the same standard?

Self-love is crucial since you are your own lifelong companion, and nurturing this type of love will help you lead a fulfilling life. 

Self-love allows you to feel happy, confident, content, and safe. By loving yourself, you can accomplish and be so much more. Here are some ways that you can practice self-love every day. 

1. Learn to catch yourself when your thoughts become negative

It’s easy to criticize yourself for making mistakes, compare yourself to others, and fill yourself with anxiety and fear. When you find yourself having negative thoughts, take a step back. Remove yourself from the situation, then move on to something else. 

With time, this will become a habit, and you will become quicker at catching yourself before you fall into a negative thought process. 

2. Let opinions pass you by

People’s opinions can weigh a lot, especially when you care about the person offering them or are insecure about something. 

Think of opinions like stickers; they can be a nightmare to remove once stuck but don’t stick to every surface. If you don’t let the opinions of others stick, then they will simply come off. 

It’s also helpful to point out that people’s opinions tell you more about them, not you. They are insecure or hurt themselves if they have something unpleasant to say. 

Good or bad, opinions are merely opinions. They are not facts and don’t change the reality of who you are. 

3. Allow yourself to make mistakes

Mistakes are blessings. They are a reminder that you are human and learning more each day. Accept mistakes gracefully and look at them objectively. Rather than taking them personally, ask yourself, “What can I learn from this situation? What will I change?” 

Mistakes are accomplishments, allowing you to embrace your past and make way for your future.

4. Remember that you are more than your body

You are not your body. This is a fundamental truth. You are also your spirit, hobbies, passions, emotions, desires, failures, dreams, and more. People love you not because of how you look but because you make them laugh or show them kindness. 

Your body is a vessel for your innermost being. It works tirelessly to keep you alive. It lets you experience the world and all that is in it. 

Take care of your body and spirit by eating well, enjoying movement, and connecting with yourself. 

5. Create and enforce boundaries

Create and enforce boundaries at work and with your friends, family, and partner. Boundaries are rules you set to ensure that people treat you how you deserve to be treated and give you what you need. 

Some examples include:

  • Telling your workplace not to contact you outside of office hours because you wish to maintain a healthy work-life balance. 
  • Refusing to engage with your parents when they comment on your weight. 
  • Speaking to your partner about having time alone doesn’t mean you don’t love and want to be with them. 

If there is something that you need or something that is making you unhappy, it’s up to you to draw your boundaries and make a change. 

6. Feel your feelings

Anger, sadness, fear, loneliness – emotions that are traditionally deemed “negative” are just as important and valid as “positive” ones like joy and peace. 

Make space for your emotions and allow yourself to feel them. They are a part of being alive and allow you to understand what happens to you. When you take a moment to understand why you feel a certain way, you can adjust how you respond. For example, if something has made you angry, understanding why it has made you angry can help you learn and grow.

7. Trust yourself & enjoy the journey

You have the answers that you need. When you don’t, you can find them. Trust that you have the power to do what needs to be done and make the changes in your life that you need to. You are kind, you are generous, and you are capable, believe in yourself! 

Remember, self-love isn’t a destination you can reach overnight but a journey requiring patience and persistence. By making these changes and committing to them, you’ll see positive changes in your inner peace, self-acceptance, and overall well-being. 

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