Why Are Plants Good For Your Home?

by | Oct 28, 2022

why are plants good for your home

Large, small, hanging, and even in vases, Plants at home will help you decorate your home and bring freshness. Because plants refresh the environment, purify the air, and absorb foul odors, you can put them in the living room, the kitchen, the bathroom, and the bedroom. Do you want more reasons? We have 21!

1. Plants Lift Your Spirits

Having plants brings energy and vitality, and oddly enough, it is proven that living surrounded by plants changes your mood.

2. Help You Recover

According to some studies, patients improve faster in hospitals where there are paintings about nature or windows with views of landscapes.

3. Purify The Air

Plants are a great natural filter since, through photosynthesis, they purify the environment. Areca, dracaena, ficus, or philodendron are some plants that purify the air. 

4. They Absorb Bad Odors

Like tobacco. Plants help prevent smoke from concentrating in one place and keep the air clean and pleasant.

5. They Eliminate Toxins

Plants not only purify the air by photosynthesizing. Some plants can considerably reduce or eliminate various toxins from the air, like benzene or xylene.

6. Prevent Mold

Each plant has unique properties that make us feel better and care for our health. Like the peace lily―an indoor plant suitable for all types of houses prevents mold creation and is ideal for allergy sufferers.

7. They Reduce Humidity

Many plants are capable of reducing the relative humidity inside the house. That is, they act as natural and ecological humidifiers.

8. They Dampen the Noise

Both indoor and outdoor plants are acoustic absorbers. Ficus, with its wide arching branches, is an excellent option for reducing noise among the many options. 

9. Neutralize Electricity

Having plants at home helps you have a safer home as they are electricity neutralizers, making it easier to avoid domestic accidents.

10. They Help You Sleep Better

Because many plants purify the air, the amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2) are reduced. Therefore, having a plant in the bedroom will help you have a restful sleep.

11. They Are Beautiful

For color tastes. Everyone will find beauty in different species of plants. But there is no denying that having plants makes your house look more beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. 

12. They Feed Us

Plants are a natural source of our food. We eat its fruits, its leaves, and even its roots.

13. They Season The Best Recipes

Always have aromatic plants on hand to season your dishes healthily. In addition, they decorate and provide freshness.

14. They Are Decorative

Plants decorate. Its aesthetic power is unquestionable, like the ficus lyrata, the new indoor plant sweeping the houses of many homes. 

15. They Are Energy Regenerators

Feng Shui ensures that plants balance the chi and harmonize the house so that positive energy flows through every corner.

16. They are Therapeutic

And much cheaper than going to a psychologist. Taking care of a plant has a therapeutic effect that helps, among many other things, combat stress and anxiety. 

17. Plants Empower You

Caring for a plant has excellent therapeutic power. Everyone, especially older people who care for a plant, feels empowered and proud of their milestones.

18. They Reduce Stress

And if it helps older people feel confident and empowered, it helps younger people reduce stress. Taking care of a plant keeps you focused and drives away negative thoughts. It is a way of practicing mindfulness. 

19. Plants Improve Self-Esteem

Plants produce happiness. Planting, and seeing it grow, bloom, or bear fruit improves our mood and boosts our self-esteem and satisfaction.

20. They Are Suitable For All Audiences

Anyone can take care of a plant. Just have the zeal to do it. Even for the most novice, some plants are very easy to care for, and to be able to enjoy their presence without being afraid that they will die.

21. We Learn With Them

Plants teach us. We learn about their life cycle and how certain insects create microhabitats by feeding on them.

There are many more reasons to have plants in our homes, and these are just a few.

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