When Is it Time To Move Jobs?

by | Aug 8, 2022

when is it time to move jobs

If you’re here because of the title, let’s take a minute before we start. How are you doing? Is there any support that you need at the moment? Changing a job or contemplating changing your career can be stressful and at BetterYou, we want you to know that we are here for you. Whether you’re unhappy at your job, want a change, or experiencing burnout—you might be asking yourself: when is it time to move jobs? 

Here are some key points to look for

  • You’re unhappy, to the point where you’re having more bad than good days. 
  • Your job affects you after you leave the office. 
  • Your job is causing you stress, anxiety, depression, or burnout. 
  • You have been with the company for years and you have never been shown appreciation or been given a raise. 
  • Your job doesn’t see your life outside of work as important. 
  • There’s no wellness programs or health insurance integrated into your job. 
  • The work environment is toxic.

Don’t Ignore the Signs 

If you are asking yourself if it is time to move jobs, you should take the time to compile a list. What are the pros and cons of your job? Are you seeing one side getting heavier than the other? Maybe it’s a big issue you’re afraid to bring up? Do not be afraid to reach out to your supervisors and have an open and honest discussion. If nothing improves then it may be time to start looking for a new adventure! 

Leave On A Good Note

If you’ve been with the company for an extensive amount of time, it’s important to leave on a good note. Don’t leave like you see on Tiktok videos like this one. It won’t look good when you’re applying to future jobs. You need to do what is best for your mental health but also be prepared! Have a backup plan, have extra money put aside, and do what makes you happy. So if you find yourself asking “when is it time to move jobs?” The time just might be now. 

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