What Kind of Work Can I Do From Home?

by | Sep 12, 2022

What Kind of Work Can I Do From Home?

With the workplace shift brought about by the pandemic in 2020, companies had to adjust to moving staff online, and the new movement became working from home. By conducting virtual meetings and blowing up emails, communication and productivity have been able to glide along. In some cases, employees even choose to work from the comfort of their own familiar home, citing a personal schedule and discretion as reasons for their improvements in efficiency. The new scene of workers is a hodge podge. People moving jobs to get back in the office, moving up and down in position, and a growing crowd looking to swap in a cubicle for a home office and set up shop at home. If you fall into the last bucket, you may wonder, what kind of work is conducive to the remote shift? In truth, many jobs have adapted to accommodate virtual employees, but here is a comprehensive list of careers that are particularly adaptable online.

1. Office Managers

Many offices are hiring virtual office managers to handle payroll, paperwork, and inventory ordering projects. These types of roles rely more on individual productivity than team collaborations, and since more and more documents are moving online, you can apply to be an office manager anywhere, even in a different country. Your hours may not line up with the local company time zone, but if you are doing the right amount of work, it does not end up being a point of pressure.

2. Tutors

With tech savvy teens and adults, the world of educational opportunities has exploded. Instead of posting on your neighborhood bulletin board to try and find someone who could teach you French, you can now hire someone straight from France to call and teach you face to face. This is a great way to make money as a high school or college student with specialized skills, because no matter where you are located, you can get in touch with students around the world and help guide them through academic struggles, college applications, and essays.

3. Voice Acting

The costumes, the scenery, the makeup, the props . . . well, not exactly. For voice actors, a day on set looks more like wearing an old T-shirt in front of an expensive microphone. This is exciting for someone who is talented with impressions or loves acting but hates the camera. All you need is a good gig and a nice microphone, and you can set up a great path in voice acting.

4. Virtual Assistant

Considering that most of these jobs include administrative tasks and calls, working as a virtual assistant for a busy boss is a great way to work on the side or as a full-time position from home. If you have good wifi connection and high availability, you are on the right track to success in the role.

No matter what virtual path you take, it is important to have a good working set up. Take care of yourself, and avoid the trap of losing work life balance because you operate out of one space. Practice self care in whatever you do, and enjoy the benefits of creating your own schedule and your own life. 

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