Virtual Wellbeing Session Ideas
Heidi Zwart
virtual wellness session

Wellbeing initiatives in today’s workplace need to accommodate remote and hybrid teams. Some traditional wellbeing programming can remain the same while other initiatives need a revamp. If you’re a remote team, these virtual wellbeing session ideas are ones to consider adding in the new year. 

Group workout

Designate a wellbeing session to work out together. Rather than sitting in front of a screen listening to a presentation on why employees should move more often, spend time doing it! Hire a fitness instructor or recruit a qualified team member to host the session. If you’re not sure what to do, check out this list from Teambuilding

Yoga or stretch session

A similar virtual wellbeing session idea is to host Zoom yoga or stretch sessions. Choose a video to follow, hire an instructor, or use a team member trained in leading this experience. Sessions can be as short as 15 minutes and can be a recurring, weekly event to remind employees to take a break during their day. 

Meditation class

Mindfulness is an important way to decompress and reduce stress during the workday. As a virtual wellbeing session idea, this offering will help your employees refocus for greater productivity and improved wellbeing. An app like Headspace works for guiding both group experiences and individual sessions when your employees need help relaxing. 

Healthy cooking class

Encourage your employees to prepare and eat healthy meals by hosting a cooking class. Choose a simple dish that employees can prepare in the midst of their busy lives. Use this time to swap simple recipes or create a shared doc of healthy recipes. This virtual wellbeing session idea can be a one-time event or an ongoing part of your wellbeing programming. 

Creative art session

Adult coloring books have gained popularity over the past year. Join together with other teammates to color, paint, or complete a craft. Post finished products on a shared site, like Slack, or make gifts they can share with loved ones or co-workers. Choose from one of many online art classes to unleash the creativity of your team and boost their relational wellbeing.

Online health fair

Host a line-up of experts to educate employees on a variety of wellbeing topics. Choose a theme, like mental health, physical health, or social health, or mix and match the topics to the needs of your team and organization. Make the virtual wellbeing sessions interactive and engaging to avoid information overload and Zoom fatigue. 

Game time

Virtual games can fill the void left by in-office ping-pong tables and arcade games. Host trivia events or play online office games to boost your corporate culture. This non-traditional virtual wellbeing session can help put the fun and laughter back into the workplace as employees gather for some friendly competition. 

Virtual wellbeing session ideas don’t end here. Get creative! Move beyond dispensing information and engage your team in more interactive experiences. Be mindful of how your programming supports the physical, emotional, and relational health of your employees and build opportunities for each into your wellbeing initiatives for a happier and healthier workplace. 

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