Sedentary Lifestyle Solutions

by | Oct 26, 2020

sedentary lifestyle solutions

Technology and automation has a prominent role in our lives. As a result, we are becoming increasingly sedentary. With the click of a button we are quickly enveloped in technology that keeps us seated and stationary. To offset this inactivity, it’s important to intentionally seek sedentary lifestyle solutions that work in our daily lives.

Standing desks

Computers are a necessity for much of our daily work. As a result, we spend the majority of the day in a seated position. An increasingly popular sedentary lifestyle solution to work around this issue is to invest in a standing desk. Many workplaces will provide this for employees upon request as they acknowledge the health challenges that come with sitting for prolonged hours. Adjustable standing desks offer the flexibility to alternate between sitting and standing throughout the day.

Treadmill or biking desks

Another creative sedentary lifestyle solution that’s rising in popularity is the treadmill desk or biking desk. Equipped with stands for computers, books, and water bottles, this equipment allows users to move at a gentle pace while continuing to work. Alternating between these treadmill desks and a regular desk reduces inactivity. Recognizing this, some higher education institutions are equipping their libraries with this solution to support student wellbeing. 

Smart Devices

Most, if not all, smart devices send regular reminders to stand when wearers have been sitting too long. This simple sedentary lifestyle solution keeps us mindful that standing from time to time is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. When these reminders alert us that it’s time to stand, it’s even more ideal to take a quick walk, do some stretching, grab some water, and breathe before returning to the screen. 

Walking Meetings

Use scheduled meeting time to walk with your colleague or classmate instead of sitting across a table from one another. Your day is already consumed with sitting, so this built-in block of time gives you the opportunity to move while continuing to be productive. In fact, this sedentary lifestyle solution has proven to increase creativity by up to 60%. If you’re able to enjoy the bright sunshine on a beautiful day, the change of scenery alone can revitalize you and make you more productive.

Walking Lunch Breaks

If walking meetings aren’t an option, consider using your lunch hour or class break time to take a short walk. Once again, the fresh air can be the boost of energy you need to get through your afternoon hours. Choose a path you’re familiar with so you can allow your mind to rest. If the weather isn’t cooperative, find some stairs and take a brisk walk up a few flights. This heart-pumping sedentary lifestyle solution can quickly refresh your mind and body.

Exercise During TV

While commercials are no longer part of the regular television watching experience, when it is (during sporting events for example) use the break to get up and move. Keep some light hand weights near the sofa or your favorite chair to trigger the reminder to use them. Or have a sit-up or push-up contest with those you’re watching the game with. Even if commercials aren’t built into the show you’re watching, you can still stretch and do light body weight activities while watching your show.

As you seek sedentary lifestyle solutions that work for you, experiment with a few of the ones listed here. Your mindfulness to make movement a more regular part of your day will lead to better wellbeing both now and later.  

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