Reasons to Take the PTO This Year
Monica Segeren
reasons to take the PTO

According to US Travel, “More than half of Americans (55%) are still not using all their paid time off and those that are using their days, are spending just a portion of them to travel and see the USA. In 2018, American workers failed to use 768 million days of PTO—a 9% increase from 2017.” The percentage continues to increase due to a number of reasons. However, the biggest one is: the fear of returning to work with a mountain or unfinished work. This fear has workers pushing back vacations, spending less time with their families, and lowering employee satisfaction. Not only that, but employees do not want to seem like they can be replaced with someone else as they are away on vacation. 

However, being burnt out and overtiring yourself will not get you anywhere. Let’s take a look at why you should take PTO: 

  • To prevent burnout and prioritize your mental health.
  • Spend uninterrupted time with your family and friends.
  • Travel to a different state or country.
  • Managing your work-to-life balance and creating balance.
  • Most of the time, you work to earn PTO, so you deserve the time off! 
  • Use the time to check something off your bucket list.
  • Treat yourself to a salon and/or spa day! 
  • Take the time to reflect. Are you happy with the job you are at now or would you want to explore more opportunities? 
  • Spring clean your home. 
  • Develop a new morning routine. 

There are so many great reasons why you should take the PTO! Most importantly, you deserved it. You worked hard to get the hours that you need to take the time off—so take them. If the workload is overwhelming when you get back from taking your PTO, ask for help. Take the time you need, sit back, and relax. As a result, you might perform even better than before you used your PTO and you’re coming back refreshed! What is holding you back from taking your time off?

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