How to Run a Team Meeting

by | Jan 9, 2023

how to lead a team meeting

Team meetings without previous organization take a lot of time since the priorities are unknown. In this sense, it is essential to note crucial tips for leading an effective work meeting.

The leaders must take the baton and lead every meeting to solve this inconvenience. It is advisable to start with the planning since it will avoid wasting time and money.

The best thing you can do is determine the reasons for calling a meeting and its importance. In this way, the goals of the meeting are clear, whether it is resolving a conflict, finding solutions, or discussing decision-making.

Here are some tips on how to run a team meeting.

Plan The Work Meeting

Planning a work meeting should be done on time to ensure everything is ready. With proper planning, these tips to direct the work meeting become easier to achieve. The first step involves assembling the entire structure and order. Planned meetings yield better results than emergency meetings because they allow all team members to come prepared and organized.

Tips For Leading a Team Meeting

1. Select The Necessary Staff At The Meeting

You probably have a team of 10-20 people; consider whether everyone needs to be at the meeting. If everyone doesn’t need to attend, select the staff that must be present.

2. Write Down the Plans for the Meeting

Make this document specify the reason for the meeting, objectives, topics to be discussed, and the estimated time for each point. Send this plan to all the team members ahead of the meeting.

3. Choice of Space

The choice of space is essential for the meetings to achieve the desired objective effectively. Book the meeting room in advance and evaluate if you have the necessary material to carry out the said event.

Look for places that adapt according to the activity you are going to do. If you require your attendees to be focused, look for quiet spaces where nothing and no one interrupts the meeting.

4. Schedule the Meeting at Appropriate Times

It is advisable to hold the meeting in the early morning hours because of better concentration.

To make the meeting more enjoyable and less tedious, avoid going over 45 minutes. Take these tips into account to run a team meeting in a concrete, decisive and fast way. To achieve this, attendees must be punctual. Arrival, discussion, and question time should be controlled.

5. Be open-minded 

As a team leader, you must encourage participation and listen carefully to each intervention. This creates a pleasant, comfortable environment for the participant and builds trust. However, for the meeting to be effective, you must prevent any participant from monopolizing a topic. 

Always summarize each point frequently so that everything is clear.

6. Pay Attention to All Doubts Or Problems

Before concluding the meeting, leave space for attendees to present their doubts and suggestions. Ideally, the whole team should have the opportunity to express their opinion and give ideas to resolve the questions. Conflict resolution is more straightforward when you work as a team, and you can solve the problem together.

7. The Meeting Ends With Conclusions On Each Point

At the end of the meeting, the conclusion review should be discussed. Take advantage of each point to ask if there is any doubt again.

8. Share the Meeting Summary

Another critical aspect is making important notes during the meeting and sending a summary to each participant.

What Should That Summary Contain?

The team meeting summary should contain the proposed measures to achieve the objectives and a work plan with the designation of the activity corresponding to each person.

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