How To Get Better Sleep When Stressed

by | Aug 22, 2022

How To Get Better Sleep When Stressed

Different stressful life events can disrupt our sleep patterns, such as a job interview, exam, emotional breakdown, physical illness, etc. Any of these reasons may be behind why, suddenly, one night, you find it hard to sleep more than usual. 

Generally referred to as insomnia, one of the main problems that most of us face. It is said that it affects 10-30% of the global population

Most people deal with insomnia by ignoring it and hoping it goes away someday without addressing the cause. However, we forget that our hours of sleep and, most importantly, rest influences our well-being.

Getting down to sleep after a stressful day is not always easy, but it will help you to know that there are a series of tips to relax before going to sleep.

Routine Before Going To Sleep

What we do the hours before going to bed will be vital to guaranteeing us the hours of sleep. It is important to avoid exercises or any other stressful activity– unless your choice is a yoga class that will help you relax. 

The best recommendation we can give you is that you take a shower half an hour before going to sleep and go to bed as soon as possible so that when sleep comes, it catches us in bed.

Pay Attention to Food

Avoid consuming beverages containing caffeine or stimulants for at least 5 hours before bed. This may seem obvious, but how many times have you had a coffee to endure more hours studying and then tried to fall asleep as if nothing happened? You know it’s impossible.

Something similar happens with food. Go for light foods and eat calmly, chewing each bite without distractions from television or mobile phones. It helps facilitate easy digestion and preps your body for rest. 

Say Goodbye to Negative Thoughts

It is very likely that the night before that event that stressed us, we will go to bed and not be able to fall asleep at first. It is expected that at this moment, we are invaded by negative thoughts such as “I am not going to be able to sleep” and “I will not sleep at all and tomorrow I will be tired,” or questions like “ How long can we go without sleeping?” Stop all these boycotts, our rest. Instead, try to keep your head relaxed and if you find that you are completely awake, read a book or listen to very soft music.

Try Relaxation Exercises For Sleep

From meditation and yoga to learning to control your breathing, the exercise alternatives to calm your nerves before going to sleep are endless. The only recommendation you should keep in mind is to practice them in a quiet place, with comfortable clothes and better if you are already lying in bed.

Surrender to White Noise

It is usually used to soothe babies and make it easier for them to fall asleep. Still, white noise is also beneficial for promoting quality rest in adults, mainly when insomnia results from a state of stress. What exactly is white noise? It is the noise of a TV or radio out of tune, the sound of air conditioners, that is, any signal or sound that contains all frequencies of the same power. 


Sleep is vital to our lives and should never be taken for granted. There are many ways to fall asleep after a stressful day quickly, but we can’t mention everything in this content. We hope that these tips provided help you fall asleep easily while stressed. 

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