How to Evaluate a Wellness Program
Monica Segeren
how to evaluate a wellness program

Whether you are a manager, employee, bystander, or random person on the internet…welcome to how to evaluate a wellness program. In this article, we will talk about how wellness programs are valuable to a company. If they provide engagement, long term improvements for employees and so on within an organization. What should success look like? We looked at why they failed, let’s see how they would look if they thrived. Let’s take a look and see! 

Employees Opinions Matter

First and foremost, it’s important to realize that when it comes to wellness programs—it’s about the employees. Employee satisfaction is everything. Happy employees are one of the main focuses on how to evaluate a wellness program in the workplace. If you notice a high turnaround, employees not showing up to the wellness programs, and not engaging in anything the office has to provide. Without satisfied employees, you can’t have functioning wellness programs. You want to have wellness programs that will provide: security, long term relationships, stability, and a positive response. 

The Costs and Budget 

The next thing that you have to look at in a wellness program is the overall cost and how much it is taking out of your budget. The other thing that also needs to be looked at is if your health coverage cost is rising. Are employees still not lowering their numbers in sick visits or bettering their health? Are there still the same amount of cigarette smokers despite the fact that you have a free cessation program? If things are not being used or changing, it’s time to take a different route. 

Usage of the Programs 

The main thing that anyone wants to see is the program(s) being used. If employees aren’t using them to their advantage or not at all, it’s important to ask why. It brings us back to the point. Happy employees=long term employees. You want to evaluate the programs, of course! However, you want to evaluate the people using them as well. There are so many different and unique ways on how to evaluate a wellness program. However, with those factors all in the green… you are bound to have a successful wellness program! 

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