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When Your Employees Are Struggling, So Is Your Business

Burnout is a wildfire that can spread rapidly, making even the brightest employees fade away.

BetterYou can help your organization fight that burnout and strengthen mental health support.

Employee Burnout & Mental Health are the Top Priorities for Benefits Leaders in 2024

9 out of 10 people report workplace stress affects their mental health.

3 out of 5 people are not receiving adequate support from supervisors to manage stress.

4 out of 5 people feel emotionally drained and show early signs of burnout.

Boosting Workplace Wellness

Study Finds Significant Drop in Burnout Rates and Surge in Employee Engagement

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of people who participate in wellness programs are less likely to experience frequent burnout.


of people are more engaged in their work when they feel their employer cares about their well-being. They also 18% more likely to give more effort for their employer.

Hundreds of Organizations are Seeing the 
Positive Impacts of Healthier Employees

BetterYou Addresses These Issues with a 
Data-Driven and Proven Approach

More Sleep,
Less Depression

A study published in the Sleep journal found that people who slept an extra 30 minutes per night had a 30% lower risk of depression and anxiety.

Alleviate Stress
By Talking to Friends

Socializing with others can help to alleviate feelings of stress and improve overall well-being. On average, BetterYou members see 10 more minutes of talk time with friends and family a week.

Taking Steps to
Better Physical & Cognitive Activity

Increased physical activity can improve cognitive function, including memory and learning. BetterYou members get an average increase of 500 steps per day.

Backed by Science

BetterYou helps people find more time in the day for their health through a no-touch solution rooted in behavior design.

Using research from behavioral specialists, BetterYou optimizes nudges and rewards at the right times to encourage healthy behaviors.

Chart graphic of the Fogg Behavior Model

Improved Team Wellness Reduces Claims and Increases Savings

You can lower healthcare costs by $60-$80 per employee per month with a well-rounded workplace wellness program.

BetterYou helps you achieve that savings for an extra 3 months


annually per member for employers with 1,000+ employees.

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