Health Fair Booth Ideas

by | Nov 23, 2021

health fair booth

If you’re in the health and wellness space, you’ve likely been asked to attend a health fair. In the sea of vendors, how do you stand out from the crowd? Check out these health fair booth ideas to make the most of your next vendor opportunity.

Host a demo

Showing your potential customers how your product works is an effective health fair booth idea. Make a healthy recipe on a single-pan burner or whip up a smoothie in a blender. Perform CPR on a dummy or have an exercise demo. These health fair booth ideas will entice people to seek out the sights, sounds, and smells at your booth.  

Make it interactive

Pull in members of the crowd to try your product out for themself. If your product or service involves technology, this is a great way to get it in their hands so they can see how easy it is to use. Let them experience the app or program first-hand and watch them become early adopters and advocates for you. 

Up your visual game

Poor signs and an unclear message is a sure way for people to bypass your booth. Make all your signs and banners clear and easy to read. Use humor or curiosity invoking marketing to peak the interest of attendees and stand out from the crowd. Make sure to wear matching t-shirts or company attire to look polished and united if you’re hosting the booth with other team members.  

Advertise a raffle

Offer a free subscription, membership, t-shirt, or other swag from your company by hosting a raffle. Kick this health fair booth idea up a notch by making it appealing to enter. Give away a higher ticket item that people will want to win, like these examples. Make it related to your service, product, or employee wellness program to gain the loyalty and engagement of that future customer.  

Use visuals

If your goal is to improve the health of health fair attendees, use a visual example of what’s at stake if they don’t make lifestyle changes. Fill jars with sugar to show how much is in some favorite foods or show a video simulation of people driving while they are sleep-deprived. These impactful visuals will lead to better conversations with prospective users of your service. 

Kick off a challenge

Kick off a workplace wellness challenge with this health fair booth idea. Make sign-ups urgent by giving away limited-availability swag for those who sign up on the spot. Sound a bell or an alert when someone joins the competition to create enthusiasm and interest around your booth. 

Make it fun to wait

If you do a good job making your booth stand out from the crowd, it’s probable that you may have a line of people waiting at your booth. Make waiting part of the experience by positioning entertaining videos where people can see them, hiring a performer/comedian to interact with those in line, or place creative signs at certain checkpoints as they make their way to your booth. 

Offer swag

Giving out free stuff is a health fair booth idea that’s sure to get people streaming your way. Your swag doesn’t have to be fancy, but does need to be branded. Hand out free pens, notebooks, water bottles and bags so that you are front-of-mind for people. Consider offering higher incentive swag to those who sign-up, join, enroll, or commit on the day of the fair. 

These health fair booth ideas will help you stand out from the crowd the next time you have the opportunity to attend. Most of all, have fun helping others live healthier lives!

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