Easy No-Heat Lunch Ideas

by | May 18, 2022

no heat lunch ideas

Summer is approaching which means our beloved soup season is leaving. When it comes to lunch, we are going to crave something light and refreshing rather than total comfort food than we have been eating. Instead of just the typical salad, what can be put in our lunchbox? Here are some healthy, fresh recipes to take your lunch to a new level! 

Sushi and Sesame Noodle 

You could always buy pre-made sushi, but that can quickly get expensive if you want this meal a few times a month. Instead, you can buy a sushi kit maker from Amazon for only $15! You can customize what you want to put in your sushi, how much of it, and so on. This is also a great learning experience to those who want to learn more about cooking. To pair with it, you can have these cold sesame noodles that have a spicy peanut butter sauce. 

Mediterranean Pasta Salad

This Mediterranean pasta salad is a perfect summer recipe whether it is to bring in for a potluck or your lunchbox. This packed with some fresh fruit or a parfait would make it a well rounded meal! 

Bistro Boxes

This is a great idea for when you’re running late or you don’t feel like cooking. These bistro boxes can contain: cottage cheese or Greek yogurt, fruits, and nuts—and don’t forget a hard boiled egg. These are great since you can customize them however you want.

Turkey Hummus Wrap 

This turkey hummus wrap is another quick five minute meal! All you need is lettuce, turkey, hummus, and red pepper. You can add whatever you want to it and try new combinations. You could pair this with the pasta salad recipe above or baked chips and a pickle. 

What Will You Try? 

There are so many great and healthy recipes out there for you to try! Whether you’re trying these because your office doesn’t have a microwave or you are not a fan of eating a hot meal in the summer, I hope you enjoy these recipes. 

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