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by | Oct 26, 2021

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The mass exodus of employees from the workplace has left organizations searching for solutions to retain their talent. While Covid has been cited as the catalyst for “the great resignation,” other factors are playing a role as well. Covid may have brought to the surface employee discontent that was already percolating. Addressing these longer-standing issues will help organizations reduce attrition and create a culture your employees love. 

Show appreciation

Heartfelt appreciation goes a long way. Employees who receive genuine appreciation from their employer are more emotionally connected to their organization, increaseing their loyalty and investment in their work. Celebrating successes and accomplishments increases employee engagement. Employee recognition programs that feel hollow or canned will equally demotivate employees, but a well-executed employee recognition program has the potential to cut turnover in half. Making appreciation personal and authentic will create a culture your employees love. 

Ask for feedback

A recent survey of 2,000 part-time and full-time employees sought to identify the drivers behind the great resignation. The primary culprit was summarized in four words: feedback that goes unheard. Employees are willing to share their feedback. According to the survey, most employees (78 percent) say they’re eager to take company surveys, and more than a third (38 percent) say company surveys are the preferred method for sharing feedback. As an organizational leader, if you survey your employees, share the results, and act on it, you will create a culture your employees love.

Focus on strengths

Employees who use their strengths every day are more engaged and productive. They perform better and organizations experience higher retention. Organizations with strengths-based cultures have an attrition rate that’s 72% lower than other companies. Helping your leaders make a shift from manager to coach is a great place to begin as you create a culture your employees love. Because career wellbeing has the biggest impact on all other areas of wellbeing, focusing on strengths creates a development and career growth culture that impacts satisfaction in this area.

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Be human

It’s important for company leaders to demonstrate personal empathy during this difficult work climate. Showing appropriate vulnerability by sending the message of “me too” will help employees feel that everyone’s in it together. Fast Company suggests that, for leaders, empathy means talking about your own need for connection, trust, and belonging. An armor of invincibility by leadership will create distance instead of connection. Showing your human side will go a long way to create a culture your employees love. 

Support holistic wellbeing

People are re-evaluating their lives and making employment decisions based on how well it supports or depletes their energy to do the rest of life. If employees don’t feel supported by their current employer, they will find an employer who will. Gallup recently asked employees what they look for most in an employer and employees of all ages rank “the organization cares about employees’ wellbeing” in their top three criteria. It was the number one criteria for millennials and Generation Z. BetterYou offers a simple employee wellness solution to boost engagement, collaboration and company culture.

Doubling-down efforts to create a culture your employees love will help reduce attrition and combat the exodus the workplace is facing. What’s working for you? We’d love to know!

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