Characteristics that Make a Successful Student

by | Oct 1, 2020

successful student

Sometimes we just need to know the kinds of habits we should build to be our best version. Here are some characteristics that make a successful student!

Effective reading

College is all about reading. A lot of it can be dry boring academic reading and for most students, this is a recipe for stress. Because the reading has to be done, most times students sit for hours on end trying to read and comprehend what’s in front of them, only to find themselves repeating the same lines over and over, resulting in discouragement. Successful students, approach reading differently. To be successful in your reading, allocate short intervals (30-45 minutes) to the reading with breaks in the middle to recharge. With this strategy, you’ll find yourself both understanding and completing your reading, making you successful in that field! 

Believe in your ability

The worst thing a student can do is lose faith in their ability to be successful. It’s not uncommon that college students start losing faith in their ability, It’s a challenging time filled with academic and personal challenges. The key is to remind yourself that you are capable and you’re not your setbacks. By practicing positive self-talk, you’re able to see your full potential!

Be your best advocate

Successful students know how to advocate for themselves, inside and outside the classroom. This means you’re a student who builds relationships with your professors and advisors. When you have a relationship with these individuals, you build rapport. This is important because it opens up a door where professors will take interest in you, explain things in a way you understand, and believe the unenforceable circumstances than may sometimes come up. With advisors, they’re able to help you more and guide you towards a career path that suits you well and find you opportunities outside the classroom, that will benefit you in the long run. This is networking as self-advocacy!! Remember, no one knows you as you do. So fight for yourself and make space for you!

Become a good writer

Hear me out. I’m not suggesting you go and win a Pulitzer (but why not 😉), but I am suggesting that you work on your skills. Successful students are good writers, they can get their point across and communicate professionally. This not only builds respect for you around campus but transcends into the real world. Employers like students who write well, this is a tool that can help you secure an internship or a job! Aside from the professional lens being a good writer is a respectable trait in general, best of all, knowing you write well can boost the way you perceive yourself which is always a good thing! So brush up on your grammar, and enjoy the benefits 🙂

All in all, becoming successful, is a personal journey, and that looks different for each student. So pay attention to the ways you learn best, and make intentional efforts to implement those habits into your time as a student and beyond. Last but not least, don’t forget to have a good time! 

Happy learning as a successful student!

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