4 DIY Christmas Gift Ideas
Monica Segeren
DIY christmas gift

Do you need help finding a gift for someone who seems to have it all? Or do you like doing DIY projects around the holidays? Maybe you want to do something for everyone in your office or dorm to spread the holiday cheer! It’s time to get crafty! 

1. Chocolate Covered Pretzels 

This sweet and salty snack is an easy way to wow someone. All you need is melting chocolate, peanuts (be mindful of allergies), sprinkles, and whatever toppings you want to include. You also have the option to use different flavors of chocolate, gluten free pretzels, and dairy free chocolate, and more! You can find a basic recipe here.

2. Cookie in a Jar! 

These are one of my favorite gifts I could get from someone since you are sharing a special recipe! Usually this is a cookie recipe that you have tried but you can also try out a new one. You layer all of the dry ingredients into a mason jar and include the recipe and all they have to do is add the wet ingredients. You can print the recipe on cute and festive card stock and tie it on with a ribbon. You can even add a personalized spatula with it! If you don’t have a cookie recipe to share, you can check out some ideas here

3. Self Care Package 

The dollar spot in Target is an excellent place to start with this gift. All you need is a small box and fill it with tissue paper and their favorite things! You can add face masks, lotions, candles, fidget toys, and anything else that makes them happy. You can set a twenty dollar budget per person and customize it any way that you want. You can even dedicate a color for each person! This is a very sentimental thing you can do for someone and can very easily be shipped to your long distance friends. 

4. Photo Album 

Something that I did not know is that dollar stores sell photo albums. You can usually snag one that holds anywhere from twenty to fifty photos depending on the store. You can add your photos, stickers, post-it notes with memories, and whatever else you can think of to the photo album to make it more personable. This is a super simple and affordable memory keeping project that you can share with your loved ones and friends. 

Make Memories

The importance of the holidays is to make memories with your loved ones and friends and not the stress and financial burden of buying presents. It is completely possible to provide a memorable holiday without tons of expensive gifts. DIY presents are just as meaningful as gifts on a wishlist. Stay happy and well! Happy Holidays from the team at BetterYou! 

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