Why Does Google Invest So Much in Employee Wellness?

by | Mar 28, 2023

why does google invest so much in employee wellness

Google is a household name worldwide, but the company wouldn’t have made it there without its employees.

The higher-ups at Google seem to recognize this fact and show appreciation for their employees by providing an incredible array of employee wellness programs and services. 

Why does Google invest so much in employee wellness? How can you better support your team, even without a Google-sized budget? Find out below.

Google Employee Wellness Programs

According to Google, the company’s employee wellness programs are “thoughtfully designed” to enhance “health and wellbeing” and “make it easy for [employees] to take good care of [themselves].” 

The following are some examples of wellness benefits Google offers:

  • Access to mental health apps
  • Educational reimbursements
  • Support groups for underrepresented employees and allies
  • Access to fitness centers and massages on-site
  • On-site meals and snacks
  • At-home cooking and workout classes

Google’s offices also feature amenities like free haircuts, napping pods, and on-site doctors.  

Why Does Google Invest so Much in Employee Wellness?

After reading the abovementioned benefits, you’re likely wondering why Google spends so much on employee wellness programs and offerings.

Put simply, they do it because they know that when employees are treated well and take care of themselves, they do better work.

Here are some specific benefits associated with prioritizing employee wellness: 

  • Increased productivity: Healthy employees work more efficiently and get more done (without sacrificing work quality). One survey revealed that 90 percent of businesses agree performance and productivity improve when they focus on employee wellness. 
  • Better morale: It’s also easier for physically and mentally healthy employees to maintain a positive attitude and contribute to heightened enthusiasm throughout the company, creating a more supportive culture for everyone involved. 
  • Better attendance: Healthy and happy employees are less likely to take sick days. When you create opportunities for them to exercise, eat healthfully, and manage their mental health, it’s easier for them to show up and put their best foot forward.
  • Lower healthcare costs: Investing in employee health and well-being can also lead to more significant healthcare savings. One study even found that businesses can save $3.27 on healthcare cost reductions for every dollar spent on health and wellness plans.

Google also invests so much in its employee wellness plans because those perks make the company more desirable. Who wouldn’t want to work for a company offering superior healthcare, mental health support access, on-site food and snacks, and nap pods? 

By improving the company’s brand, the powers that be at Google can attract top talent, fill vacancies faster, and keep the business running efficiently. 

Ways to Prioritize Employee Wellness at Your Company

What if your organization can’t afford massage therapists and nap pods? Does that mean you’re destined to suffer from low productivity and high healthcare costs?

Not at all.

Regardless of size or budget, every business can support its employees and prioritize their health and well-being. Here are some suggestions you can implement today: 

Listen to Your Employees

Start by seeking feedback from your employees. Find out what kind of wellness benefits they want and need.

People will be more likely to participate in your company’s wellness program if it specifically includes elements that benefit them.

Encourage Wellness Breaks

It’s time to get rid of the #NoDaysOff mindset.

Your employees are likely to be more productive if they can take breaks regularly and don’t have to worry that they’ll be penalized for stepping away from their desks.

Encourage your employees to take wellness breaks throughout the day, and lead by example by taking breaks yourself.

Provide Easier Access to Equipment

In addition to encouraging breaks, it helps to provide access to equipment and resources that people can use to improve their health and well-being.

Can you clear space in the office for yoga mats, foam rollers, and other self-care tools? Can you stock the breakroom fridge with healthy snacks and drinks? 

Offer More Flexibility

Offering more flexibility is also good for your employees’ health and well-being.

Give them the option to work from home regularly (or even completely, depending on their responsibilities). You may also want to offer more flexible hours so they can handle other duties more efficiently.    

Use Technology

Tools like the BetterYou app can help employees set goals and build healthy habits. Maybe they want to start meditating daily, going to bed earlier, or walking a certain number of steps per day, for example.

Follow in Google’s Footsteps and Invest in Employee Wellness

By investing in employee wellness, companies like Google experienced increased productivity, improved morale, reduced absenteeism, and lower overall healthcare costs.

Do you want to experience these benefits at your company? If so, it’s time to start taking employee wellness more seriously.

Follow the steps discussed above to support your employees better. Don’t forget to use tools like BetterYou to encourage team members to adopt and stick to health-promoting habits.

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