Wellness Activities for College Students
wellness activities college students

Focusing on wellness through better nutrition, exercise, stress reduction, and sleep goes a long way to improving your college experience. Wellness activities for college students don’t have to be complicated.

Here are 10 wellness activities college students can use to improve their overall wellbeing.

Walk, cycle, and skate

Depending on the size of your campus and the surrounding community, swap car rides for alternate transportation. Walking, biking, or skateboarding around campus or to local shops is an easy way to increase your daily activity.

Use the onsite gym

If you prefer more traditional exercise, schedule time for regular workouts at your on-campus fitness center. Check out the class schedule or reserve your favorite piece of equipment. Recruit a friend to join you. Having accountability is a great way to assure you show up as planned!

Join Intramurals

You don’t have to be a great athlete to enjoy the rec leagues on campus. Select your sport, grab a few friends, and form your team. The regularly scheduled games bring both social wellness and physical wellness when you work together to enjoy some (hopefully!) friendly competition.

Carry a water bottle

While this may seem an unusual wellness activity for college students, keeping your body well hydrated is important. Choose a well insulated bottle and fill it up whenever you get the chance. Not only is this good for you but it’s good for the environment as well by opting for reusable instead of disposable bottles.

Carry healthy snacks

Class runs long, a friend wants to talk, or you suddenly remember an assignment that’s due in an hour. When your planned day is thrown off course, it’s important to have grab-and-go snacks with you so you don’t overeat or choose not-so-great food later. Apple, bananas, beef sticks, and nuts are all great options. 

Take breaks and move

Rather than staying heads down while you’re working on a project, set an alert to take regular breaks. When the alarm sounds, get up and move around. Go for a walk (preferably outside) and clear your head. Or if you have to stay inside, do some stretches. You’ll be more creative and energized when you return to your work.

Hit the dance floor

Spontaneous dance parties are awesome! Your roommates and floormates are perfect recruits when it’s time to move. If you prefer a more structured approach, join a dance class at the gym or choose an at-home video option if you prefer.

Meditation and deep breathing

Stress is a common detrator of wellness for college students. Build time into your day to sit, breathe, and let go. If this feels too difficult, start by closing your eyes and taking 3 deep inhales and exhales to release any tension and anxiety you’re holding.

Talk with a friend

Pick a trusted friend to be “real” with. Share how you’re really doing and be okay with saying you’re not okay. Having an outlet for your feelings is important for your emotional wellness and mental health.

Create a bedtime routine

As much as possible, set a dedicated time to go to sleep and wake up. While this can feel impossible if you’re a college student, a good sleep routine will help carry you through your day and optimize your energy and performance.

Choose one wellness activity from this list and try it today. We’d love to hear how it goes!

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