The Best Habit Forming Apps

by | Jul 1, 2020

habit forming app

If you’ve ever tried to form a new habit, you’ve probably discovered how difficult it can be. Habits rarely take hold in 21 days. Sometimes, habits form more quickly. Sometimes, they take longer. With the help of a great habit forming app, your new behavior can take hold sooner rather than later. 

The best habit forming apps build elements of accountability, game play, and ease of use into their platforms. They harness the best of human behavior theory in an app that supports your personal habit development. 

While you may not care about why they work, you likely care that they do! So, here’s a roundup of some of the best habit forming apps available right now. 

Best Habit Forming App with Friends: HabitShare

Price: Free

Platforms: Android, iOS

HabitShare harnesses the power of accountability to help you build better habits. You can share your goals with family and friends for an interactive, motivational experience. While this app can be used independently, it’s designed for sharing.

Best Habit Forming App for Gamers:  Habitica

Price: Free, Premium version $4.99/month

Platforms: Android, iOS, Web

The tagline says it all, “Gamify Your Life.” This interactive experience turns your life into a game to improve your habits. Consistent with video game play, you unlock new avatar features with improved play (aka: better habits) and uncover prizes along the way. Ideal for true gamers.

Best Habit Forming App for Building Routine:  Productive

Price: Free, In App Purchases

Platforms: iOS

If you’re a “get it done” person, you may gravitate toward Productive. The app helps you build routines around your morning, afternoon, and evening goals. However, it offers unique flexibility, too. Building streaks is a sure-fire way to keep the habits strong.

Best Habit Forming App for Minimalists:  Habitify

Price: Free, Premium version $4.99/month

Platforms: Android, iOS, Web

This simple platform allows for basic habit tracking in a clean, uncluttered platform. You can create your own habits or gain inspiration from the library of habits others are forming. Set when you’d like to receive your reminder so you can check it off your daily list. 

Best Habit Forming App for Quitting Habits:  Done

Price: Free

Platforms: iOS

If you are more interested in quitting a habit, Done offers that option. The simple interface and toggle buttons allow for easy navigation of the app. The note taking feature is a nice touch so you can monitor your progress as you go.  

Best Habit Forming App for Maximizing Your Time: BetterYou

Price: Free for users of organizations that are customers

Platforms: iOS, Android

BetterYou is designed to help you make better digital decisions every day by focusing on the things that matter most. By providing timely nudges and awareness of your social media habits, you learn to shift your attention toward your personal wellness goals. A recommended choice for Higher Education and Corporations to improve student and employee wellness. 

Maybe you’ve experienced firsthand the power of habits, for good and for bad. 

Good habits stockpile pleasure. 

Bad habits postpone pain. – James Clear

Whether your goal is to build a good habit or break a bad one, the best habit forming apps can help. Download one today and try it for yourself!

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