Study Tips for College Students

by | Feb 12, 2021

study tips for college students

Ask any student what’s one thing that they could use more help in academically and more often than not they’ll say studying. There is no one right way to study, however, there are general tips that can enhance anyone’s studying habits and mold positive change! Here are some helpful study tips for college students.

Often times students confuse reading class material as studying when in reality simply reading notes or textbooks is a passive activity. So what are some ways you can engage with the material in front of you in order to retain it?

  • When reading textbooks, you can divide it up into topic sections which allow you as a reader to segment the information in a manner that flows.
  • You can also teach yourself by speaking it out lids and “teaching” it as if you were the professor.
  • Finding real life examples based on your own experiences to relate the reading materials with is also a great way to retain what you’re reading. It makes it personal and creates a narrative behind that information

Sleep is an essential part of studying. The common practice amongst college students is to stay up late studying, but this can do more harm than good. When you’re tired, retaining information is more difficult, you may find yourself repeating the same thing over and over who isn’t helping you learn more and is wasting time. Instead, set a healthy sleep schedule and ensure you get the right amount of sleep. A rested brain is a more effective brain!

Prepare ahead of time for your exams. College is hectic and you can get caught up with many responsibilities. This sometimes leads to procrastination causing you to cram for an exam. This is ineffective because it can easily lead to feelings of anxiousness and inadequacy. Instead, set time aside throughout the week to study small sections and understand them. This practice leads to feelings of mastery, confidence in your performance abilities, and overall positivity!

Because college can be overwhelming, it’s difficult to decide where to start. A great tip is to organize your work in order of load. It’s ok to decide what classes are more demanding compared to others. This does not mean one class is less important, it just means it probably needs less work than the others. Another way is to figure out which classes are harder for you and which ones are easier. Dedicate more time to the harder classes and slightly less to the onese you’re more confident in. this method allows you to have a feeling of relief and motivation. By completing what was hardest first, you’re happy and excited to dive into the classes that are easier and more enjoyable.

All in all, studying is all about habit formation. When you practice organization and structure, you’ll find that studying isn’t so bad. It may still be difficult but it is by no means impossible! Be sure to let us know if you use these study tips for college students on your next midterm or final.

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