Measuring Our Impact

2022 Randomized Control Trial Results with Stanford University.

Randomized Controlled Trial Overview

We partnered with Stanford University to run a 6 week randomized controlled trial with Stanford students. One half, the treatment group, used the BetterYou app. The other half, the control group, used another sleep and step tracking app.

How Much Did BetterYou Help?

What Could This Mean for Your Students?

Throughout the year, every student gets…

A Deeper Look into Habit Formation inthe Stanford University Randomized Controlled Trial

Habits take time to build. While we found that BetterYou users achieved overall improvements in steps and sleep, we were curious how these improvements developed over the six week randomized controlled trial period. We divided the randomized controlled trial into 4 equal periods, and compared the average steps and sleep between the BetterYou and control groups within each period (adjusting for users’ pre-existing health and wellness habits).

Treatment Effect Over Time: Difference-in-Difference Analysis

BetterYou users’ increased steps habits formed over time: in the initial two periods, our users got about 600 more steps than the control group. As BetterYou users continued to recieve coaching from BetterBot, steps soared over the last half of the sample – in the last period, BetterYou users outwalked their control-group peers by an average of 1,534 steps per day!
While steps increased over time, BetterYou users started experiencing consistently better sleep right away. In each period of the sample, we found strongly statistically significant and individually relevant effects. With P-Values less than 0.001, there is less than a 1 in 10,000 chance that these results are due to random chance.