Timing is Everything

Did you know that only 3.4% of notifications<br />
sent last year<br />
got a reaction?
BetterYou sees 10x that rate when someone accepts a buddy challenge.
Set health and wellness goals

BetterYou’s goal is NOT to keep people on their phone, but rather direct attention off their phones and back to what they want to do.

Our nudges do this by…

  1. Sending personalized nudges when you’re on your phone.
  2. We think you’re going to be there a while.
  3.  There’s something else you told us you wanted to do.

See What Our Members Have to Say

Love the reminders and being prompted recommit after falling behind.

It provides encouragment to strive on improving myself. Gentle reminders to tasks that need to be done.

I love that it is always sending me reminders to help me reach my goals!

Meet Our Team

Book some time with a member of our team to learn more about how BetterYou effectively uses nudges to help direct your attention off your phone and back to goals you want to accomplish.