Money-saving Tips for College Students
money saving tips

The broke college student narrative is one we hear often, and it is not entirely false. College can be a hard time financially as students are trying to find their footing into their professional careers. Here are some money saving tips on common areas students may be losing sight on.

Textbook at your library

Textbooks can run up college expenses with many professors requiring more than one per class. Thankfully, your library is a great resource to save money through. College libraries usually allow their students to check out whatever textbooks they may have in their catalog at no cost. Even better, they have the ability to request them from other schools when they’re not available at the local campus. If you know what you need for the class ahead of time, take up this resource. It will save you money, and you’re normally able to renew your free textbook rental to last you the whole semester.  Another way you can save on textbooks is by buying them used, or online rentals through services like Chegg. 

Student discounts

Don’t be shy about this one. This perk is put in place to help you save money. So when shopping around in your college town, ask if the places you’re shopping at offer student discounts. You can normally save anywhere between 10%-15% by simply asking. The really exciting part is many online stores also offer discounts. Places like amazon offer huge discounts for Amazon prime with your first six months free. Check out a website called UNiDAYS as well to find more student discounts online.

Fill out the FAFSA

Although many students do this, they wait till the last minute which almost always ends up complicating things and requiring the student to spend unnecessary money to pay late fees. Instead, fill out the FAFSA as early as possible. This way you can avoid late fees from your school, see how much you may have to pay out of pocket, and find a way to come up with that money before tuition is due.   


Many students miss out on so many opportunities when it comes to scholarships. Schools normally have departmental scholarships that are rarely competitive. This leaves a few students who keep earning them throughout the years. Don’t pass up these kinds of opportunities. If you apply early and diligently fill them out, more than likely you’ll get them. There are also scholarships outside of school through organizations, that get passed up each year because no one applies. Do the research because it will literary pay off in the end. By diversifying your opportunities, you may find yourself with more than enough money to pay for school and your living expenses! The biggest point is to do the research and ask around to find out where the money is and learn new ways to maximize your spending and money saving tips. 

-Happy saving 🙂

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