How to Plan a Group Fitness Class
Brianna Sharp
How to plan a group fitness class

Group fitness classes… We’ve all been to them, and if you haven’t, they’re essentially exercise-based classes that are conducted in, as you can imply, groups! I’ve been to plenty of group fitness classes, and have found that they’re a great way to work out with others, build community, and stay in shape. 

Most people attend group fitness classes at their local gyms or community centers, but have you ever wondered how to plan your very own group fitness class? If you have, you’ve come to the right place! Below, I’ll explain various steps you can take to plan your own class. Let’s get into it.

Steps to Planning a Group Fitness Class

1. Choose an Exercise 

The first step in planning a group fitness class is choosing which kind of exercise you’re going to be focusing on in the class. Will it be yoga, kickboxing, strength training, or something else? It’s important to figure out the type of exercise that you’ll be doing in the class, so as to be able to plan for where it should take place, what materials you’ll need, and so on. 

2. Determine the Intensity Level of the Class

The second step in planning a group fitness class is determining the intensity level of the class. Do you want your class to be an intermediate one for beginners, or would you like it to be more difficult, challenging attendees to the max? It’s important to determine the intensity level based on your own comfort with the type of exercise. 

3. Choose the Location

The third step in planning a group fitness class is choosing the location of it. Will the class take place in an in-person environment or in a virtual one via a platform like Zoom? Determining the location of the class may depend on the type of exercise that you choose to focus on. If you’d like to do an in-person class, consider utilizing a large, open room in your house, going to your neighborhood basketball court, or renting a room from your local gym or community center.

4. Choose the Day and Time

The fourth step in planning a group fitness class is choosing the day and time that you’d like the class to take place. Do you want to conduct a Saturday morning class or are you aiming to catch people after their work day on a Wednesday? In addition, how long do you anticipate this class being? An hour, 30 minutes, 45 minutes? These are all important questions to ask when you’re planning the class.

5. Determine the Equipment Needed 

The fifth step in planning a group fitness class is to determine the equipment that’s needed. If you’re planning an in-person yoga class, for example, attendees will need yoga mats. Decide if you’re going to provide the equipment or if you want people to bring their own. If you’re going to provide equipment, be sure that you have an appropriate amount, and buy more if needed.

6. Determine the Desired Number of Attendees

The sixth step in planning a group fitness class is to decide how many people you’d like to have in attendance. Do you want this to be a more intimate group with 5 people, or are you aiming for a number closer to 50? The number of people in attendance will depend on the space and equipment you have available, so be sure to take those two factors into consideration.

7. Determine if the Class will Cost Money

The seventh step in planning a group fitness class is determining if you’d like the class to cost money. This may be dependent on costs associated with holding the class. For example, if you plan on renting a room at your local gym, you may want to charge attendees money for the class in order to cover the cost of this expense.

8. Market the Class

The eighth step in planning a group fitness class is to market it. Getting the word out about your class can be done in various ways. You can use social media to spread the word, as well as print out flyers and put them in local coffee shops. You could also text your family and friends to help spread the word. When you market the class, make sure to specify the details: what type of exercise will be taking place in this class, where it will be held, what the date and time is, if equipment is needed or not and if it’s provided or not, and if there’s an associated cost. The clearer you can be in your marketing, the better. 

9. Rehearse the Class

The ninth step in planning a group fitness class is to rehearse it. If you’re planning on doing strength training, be sure to know what lifting techniques you’ll be focusing on, all while developing a routine in which there’s continuous flow. It’s important to have your class rehearsed so as to look prepared, and to ensure that the class goes smoothly.

10. Hold the Class

The tenth and final step in planning a group fitness class is to actually hold the class. This part is when the magic happens! Greet attendees with a warm welcome, and lead the class with professionalism. Focus on both helping people wherever needed and creating a fun environment. After the class concludes, thank people for coming and evaluate if you’d like to hold the same or different class again!


Although it can be a challenging task, holding a group fitness class can be a very fun and rewarding experience. Not only does planning one give you the opportunity to build an event from scratch, but it also gives you the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends.

So, if you’re interested in holding your own group fitness class, I hope the above steps will be of great help! The process requires careful consideration and preparation, but I believe in you to follow through and hold a wonderful class!

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