That’s Been
Huge for Us

After only a few weeks of utilizing the BetterYou solution, teams were seeing a 27% organizational increase in physical activity paired with an additional 31 minutes of nightly sleep, which resulted in happier, more energized individuals.

How It Works

Set health and wellness goals

Set Health and
Wellness Goals
You Care About.

BetterYou Works in the Background to
Log Your Progress

Set health and wellness goals
Set health and wellness goals

Your Digital Coach,
BetterBot, Will Send
You Personalized
and Timely Nudges.

It is that Easy!

Find out how you can find 30 more minutes of you time each day.

People who use BetterYou see improvements after just 30 days on the platform.

38% of people on the BetterYou app are sleeping 30 min more per night
61% of people are getting an extra 10 minutes of talk time with their friends and family per day
42% of people improve average movement by 500 steps per day

Helping Organizations Take Back Their Time

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Happy Customers

This app is very helpful in starting new habits and creating new goals for yourself. It even rewards you for your hard work and I really appreciate that aspect! I have been getting more sleep, working out more, and staying on top of my health with this app.

Easy to integrate with fitness trackers. Good app to use and set goals for a better you. Education, social, fitness, and spiritual goals can be customized. Highly recommend it to take tiny steps to improving yourself.

BetterYou changed my quarantine!
I became a user of BetterYou at the beginning of this year, and little did I know how my motivation to be productive would change! When quarantine hit, I was so glad that there were constant challenges on BetterYou to remind me that I can still work toward my health, education, and mindfulness goals! I love being able to track it and be entered to win cool prizes for completing challenges!

Great app. Helps me stick to my goals and adjust as needed. I have been improving my habits and adding in new ones.