Healthy Living Tips for Busy Students
healthy living tips

Habit change often feels overwhelming because we think we have to do something big to make a change stick. The truth is that change happens with small shifts over time. These grab and go healthy living tips for busy students are realistic and manageable in your everyday life. 

Drink Water

Take a bottle of water with you wherever you go and refill it whenever you get the chance. Water gives you energy and staves off hunger in the midst of your busy life. Aim for half your body weight in ounces each day, more if you lose fluids through exercise or a hot climate. This is an easy healthy living tip for busy students.

Walk Often

Make your feet your primary mode of transportation. Walk between classes, across campus, and to neighboring businesses as often as possible. Save a few bucks and skip the Uber you’d normally schedule for a brisk walk or bike ride to your destination.

Limit Alcohol

A study from Harvard Medical School found that moderate alcohol intake is one of the five healthiest lifestyle choices to make to increase your lifespan. In general, this equates to one drink per day. Staying in this range has both a short and long term impact, and is an important healthy living tip for busy students.

Get Enough Sleep

Yes, distractions abound in college, but making sleep a priority will lead to better academic performance, better relationships, and better wellbeing overall. 7-9 hours is the optimal goal. Sleeping in on the weekends won’t help “catch you up.” Try to stick to the same schedule regardless of day of the week. 

Choose Plants

Fill half your plate with vegetables at lunch and dinner. Use the rest of the space for a lean protein, grains, and a healthy fat. Choose a variety of colorful vegetables to benefit from the different nutrients in each. While this might feel like a difficult healthy living tip for busy students, pre-packaged grab and go salads and other pre-chopped veggies make this easier.

Eat Breakfast

Start your day with a lean protein, healthy fat, and grain. Hard boiled eggs, greek yogurt, and cheese and beef sticks are quick, portable options when you’re a busy student. Steel cut oats topped with nuts, seeds, and a few berries can be a good choice, too. 

Breathe Deeply

Take a few moments each day to be still and focus on your breath. Before you eat, take three deep cleansing breaths to prepare your mind and body for the meal and good digestion. As you prepare for your day, do the same. This intentional recognition of your breath will make you more mindful as you go about your day and will help your body relax when it’s most needed. 


Make it a point to connect with a friend or family member each day. Saying hi to the people you pass as you rush to and from class doesn’t count as an effective healthy living tip for busy students. It’s important to stop and have a meaningful conversation, no matter how short, with a roommate, teacher, friend, or parent with no agenda other than to listen and talk.

If you’re a busy student, what healthy living tip resonates most with you? Which one will you try? We’d love to hear!

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