What Does BetterYou Do with Your Data?

How It Works

Set health and wellness goals

We Cannot Legally
Share Your Data

BetterYou’s company bi-laws prevent the sale or sharing of individual information without consent.

We Can’t Share Your Data.

The only person who knows if you called Mom this week is you and Mom.

We Comply with Top Privacy Regulations

BetterYou is GDPR compliant. GDPR is a european standard around data privacy. It enables individuals to see what data a company has about them and remove it.

It gives the individual complete control over their data.

Your Data is Your Data!

Set health and wellness goals
Set health and wellness goals

How Does This Impact Members?

BetterYou is transparent around data. We only collect what you ask us to and we never share it.

As a Result…

91% of people who download the app grant permissions and share all the data needed for the app within 3 days.

BetterYou Measures How We Spend Our Time