Top 10 Corporate Wellness Programs to Learn From: Corporate Wellness Examples
Sean Higgins
corporate wellness programs

Today we’re highlighting the top 10 successful corporate wellness programs. We’ll cover details of their program and why they are some of the best in the country.


Affordable, yet high quality airline, JetBlue, offers its “crew members” unlimited access to LifeSolutions, a mental health hotline. Additionally, they get a $400 deductible to use towards the cost of insurance, copays and prescription costs.

Life Fitness

Gym equipment company Life Fitness has meeting rooms with standing conference tables. It also has gyms for efficient eight-minute workouts and a FitBit “race” that pits both Illinois offices against each other.

Tough Mudder

Tough Mudder’s corporate wellness program includes walking desks and showers for bike commuters. Maybe most unconventional, it has a discount on Tough Mudder sponsors, like Under Armour. This keeps employees suited up in the latest gear to help motivate them on their fitness journeys.


Goodwill offers a robust wellness program called the GoodLife that includes education and awareness initiatives. For example, employee health challenges, health coaching offered by registered nurses, comprehensive support programs, discounts to health centers and more.


Accenture, a business management consultant company, offers employee assistance programs, which provide confidential support for things such as stress, substance abuse, depression and anxiety. Employees are also offered Teladoc services, so that they can ask a physician any health-related question 24/7. Accenture’s forward-thinking wellness program allows employees to set health goals and offers rewards for completing healthy activities. 


Google’s campus offers a plethora of services including physician, chiropractic, physical therapy and massage therapy, as well as access to fitness centers, classes and community bikes. Employees can also take advantage of cooking classes and more, and the campus offers healthy snacks and meals. 


Microsoft provides employees with resources for smoking cessation, weight management and fitness training. The company will also fund gym memberships or fitness-related equipment and activity purchases while also offering free Zumba classes, onsite walking and running tracks as well as basketball, volleyball and baseball courts. For instance, “Know Your Numbers” health screening events provide employees and their spouses with periodic screenings for heart disease, diabetes, cholesterol and blood pressure. 

Motley Fool

Employees at Motley Fool are offered a wide variety of programs and wellness program initiatives. As a result, these help with their physical and mental wellness. For example, they have a kitchen stocked with healthy snacks, health and wellness clubs, free personal training sessions, free spinning and bootcamp classes. Also, they get a 50% reimbursement for races of any kind.

Draper, Inc

Manufacturers of audiovisual equipment, Draper, Inc offers employees an on-site wellness center, health challenges with sizeable prizes and has a wellness committee to help manage and maintain the programs.


Zappos takes its employees away from their desks for an hour each day for active fun. It also has “Recess Tuesdays” during which playground toys are provided in the plaza, and employees are encouraged to use them for some competitive fun.

Corporate wellness program resource

As you can see, companies provide wellness programs that meet the needs of their employees, and programs can include a wide variety of initiatives. 

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