Corporate Activities Committee: Best Practices
Sean Higgins
corporate activities committee

When employees socialize and participate in activities together, their communication patterns improve by 50 percent.

When your employees communicate better, they work better as a team, their productivity increases, and they experience more job satisfaction.

One of the best ways to encourage employee socialization is to appoint a corporate activities committee. Then, put these people in charge of planning and hosting regular activities for the company.

This article breaks down the importance of forming a corporate activities committee and shares tips on choosing the right people for the job.

What Is a Corporate Activities Committee?

Put simply, a corporate activities committee is a group of professionals who are dedicated to planning events and activities for all the employees at a company. They play a significant role in maintaining and improving company culture and ensuring the business’s mission and core values are reflected in everything the employees do.

Why Should You Appoint a Corporate Activities Committee?

Creating a corporate activities committee is a game-changer for businesses looking to improve team-building and employee socialization efforts. Here are some specific benefits corporate activities committees offer:

Represent Multiple Interests

Some people wonder why their company needs an entire committee to plan corporate activities — especially if they work for a small business.

Can’t one leader be in charge of planning events?

Technically, yes.

However, creating a committee ensures that multiple interests and viewpoints are represented. If one person handles all activities, there likely won’t be much variety. 

Distribute the Work Fairly

Appointing a corporate activities committee also allows for more even distribution of labor.

Creating a group prevents one person from feeling overwhelmed by planning events that everyone enjoys. It also creates more opportunities for feedback and gives multiple employees a chance to have their voices heard. 

Improve Employee Communication and Relationships

A corporate activities committee can plan events that unite employees from various departments.

Regular opportunities to connect improve relationships and help employees get to know each other on a deeper level. The better people know each other and the more trust they have, the easier it is for them to work together on projects and get things done.

Boost Morale

All work and no play don’t make for a very positive work environment. When your company has a corporate activities committee that regularly plans events and gatherings, your workplace becomes a more fun place to be.

If your company is known for providing a fun and engaging environment, you’ll notice morale and job satisfaction improvements across the board.

Improve Company Image and Reputation

When your company is known as a positive place to work, it also becomes easier to attract high-performing, highly skilled employees in the future.

People want to work for employers that care about company culture. In fact, 46 percent of job seekers say company culture is “very important” when deciding to apply to a specific job, and 47 percent say company culture is the driving reason behind them actively looking for a new job.

How to Form a Corporate Activities Committee

If you’re interested in experiencing any of the benefits listed above, a corporate activities committee can help. The following are some best practices to follow as you put together your company’s first committee:

Ask for Volunteers First

A good starting point when building a corporate activities committee is to ask for volunteers first.

Invite people who want to be part of this team and who are enthusiastic about planning events and gatherings. If they volunteer for the position, they might be more inclined to stick with it long-term because they’re genuinely interested in it.  

Ensure Representation from Various Groups 

Once you’ve recruited volunteers, take a look at the group of people you’ve collected. Then, look for gaps in representation.

Are any men participating in the committee, or is it all women? Do you have representatives from various departments?

The more representation you have on the committee, the easier it is to plan activities that most people will enjoy.

Get Leadership Involved

Employees in leadership roles are not exempt from participating in the corporate activities committee.

Let managers, supervisors, and executives know they can join the group. Encourage them to participate, if possible, too. Their participation can create better relationships between senior employees and lower-level team members.

Set Clear Goals

It’s also essential to think about your goals and what you want to accomplish by forming a corporate activities committee.

Are you interested in improving communication among employees? Do you want to improve recruiting efforts by making your company more desirable? 

Share these goals with the committee members so they can plan events that achieve them.

Reiterate the Company’s Mission and Values

Make sure everyone on the corporate activities committee has a clear idea of the company’s mission, values, and objectives.

Part of the committee’s job is to improve company culture, find new ways to carry out the company’s mission, and share its values. How will they accomplish this goal if they don’t know what the company stands for?

Hold Regular Meetings

The corporate activities committee must meet regularly to plan events, evaluate the success of previous events, and think of new ways to bring employees together and create a more collaborative and supportive workplace.

Perhaps the committee can meet once a month, for example, and then hold a few additional meetings when the date of a big activity or gathering draws closer. 

Establish a Corporate Activities Committee Today

When you appoint a corporate activities committee, you establish a group of people who care about the importance of team-building and communication.

This group — and the activities it plans — helps to improve company culture. They also provide more opportunities for everyone to come together and get to know one another better. 

Remember that the right technology can also help your corporate activities committee and your other employees become more engaged and collaborate more effectively.

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